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Published: 08 May 2019

Posted by: Norma

Beachside Getaway is a scamming company. Those people are thieves and nothing more than that. They claim to be all professional and customer-focused while in reality, they are just a big band of thieves. They lie to you at every stage of the transaction and if you call them out they just deny the facts. My experience with those people was one of my life’s worst experiences ever. These people stole more than $1,500 from me. I didn’t know such scammers are still active in this market. They are depraved human beings who use filthy tactics to steal money from you. You should alert others about Beachside Getaway’s terrible work ethic and unprofessional behavior too. I don’t want others to fall prey to these people’s horrendous schemes. I tried different ways but they all failed. I have been trying to get my matter resolved but nothing works. I had contacted these people for one of their vacation rentals. I had booked the place for a few days and paid them more than $1,500 in advance. I was hoping to get an amazing experience there. But due to some personal reasons, I had to cancel my trip and so, I canceled my booking. I don’t think it took me any more than a week to cancel that booking. But those thieves didn’t give me a penny in return. They are so selfish that they’d go to any lengths to make sure they get to keep those funds. And they are so arrogant that even after stealing my money, they expect me to be their customer. These people are OUT OF THEIR MINDS!! They have no idea what professionalism is. I run 2 companies so I have a little idea what professionalism is and I can tell you for sure that these guys have no sense of that word. I contacted their customer support and enquired about my refund. They told me that they weren’t aware of my booking. So, I asked the rep to connect me with a superior. The rep just put my call on hold and left me there. I kept waiting for around 10-15 minutes after which I realized that I wasn’t going to get any response from those people.

After that incidence, I have contacted those people many times. You can’t just expect someone to give up that much money, right? But every time I contacted them, I used to get a terrible response from them. I have contacted them through phone and email. It’s clear that they aren’t going to issue my refund. And that also clarifies the fact that they are a bunch of cheats and retards. They can do nothing better except lie and steal money from people. Don’t ever pay a penny in advance to these guys. I’m just wondering what would have happened if I had visited that place. They surely would have found some way to overcharge me on something. They are money-hungry degenerates. Better keep your money safe so keep a distance from these guys.

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