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Beacon Hill Apartments

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

My husband and I moved in to Beacon Hill Apartments in March of 2012. We were shown an apartment that we knew we wouldn’t be moving into, but they said that the one we would get would look exactly like the one we were seeing. Turns out that was the first lie in the progression of lies because the one they ended up giving us had enough differences to not be the same exact floor plan. And the sleaziest of salesmen I have ever met, Jim, tried to convince us that we were in the wrong. We then moved into this ground level apartment that we were told had flooded but that it was now “all taken care of” and that it wouldn’t happen anymore. Well, with the first big rain, we had water coming under our front door and within a month of being there we already had water damage to our belongings. When a call was made about it, it took maintence 48 hours to even show up. The rest of our time was spent in a constant struggle to get repairs done around our apartment that they had noted when we moved in. As soon as we moved in, you better believe they stopped caring if anything got fixed or not. Some months later, my husband and I were making dinner and we heard the sound of water running, only to find that there was water cascading down through our light fixture in our dining room and pooling up into our lamp. When we called maintenance’s emergency line, it took over an hour for them to return our call. We then had to endure a huge hole being cut out of our ceiling to find out that the “cheap pipe” they use (the maintence man’s words, not mine) had sprung a leak. AGAIN, some belongings are water damaged and never ONCE did Beacon Hill offer to do anything about it. Now, about a week and a half ago we had a huge rainstorm and suffered the worst flooding we had ever had. I came home to find our entire entryway, kitchen, hallway, storage closet, and pantry covered in water. When I called the emergency line, I received a timely call back, but then NO ONE showed up to clean up the mess until almost 36 hours later. “47 of their lower level apartments flooded and they couldn’t get to everyone” was their excuse. What I want to know was, “WHY did 47 of your apartments flood???” Gee, exceedingly poor maintencance perhaps? I would like to know where the $1,075 we pay in rent every month goes if not to keeping up the maintencance? Besides that point, a few days later, without warning, we came home to men in our apartment tearing out our carpet and cutting apart our walls. When I questioned them, they said, “Oh you didn’t know we were coming?” NO. I did not know because Beacon Hill does NOT communicate with their residents. That is unless you are late on rent by even an hour. But other than that, you are on your own. So they rip out the carpet and walls to the point where we are walking on cement and can see the wall frames, and then leave without a word, leaving piles and piles of garbage in front of our front door. It took 6 days for someone to come and pick up the trash. This morning was the final straw when we found a MOUSE in our kitchen. I immediately hopped in my car and drove to the clubhouse to complain. Nobody batted an eye and said that they could MAYBE get someone out in the next day or so to take care of it. They wanted me to spend the night with a mouse in my house. Then I ask about the status of our flood repair. “Oh did no one tell you. It will be about 3 months until we get it repaired.” So without any sort of notice or communication with their residents, they expect us to live in unlivable conditions with MICE running around for 3 months?! When my husband said they we deserve some money back, Jim, the sleezeball that he is, told us that absolutely couldn’t happen. And instead of letting us talk and express to him why we thought that it was unfair to expect us to pay full rent when we are living on cement with no walls, he repeatedly talked over us and then told us that WE were being rude. When the conversation got heated, instead of owning up to his responsibility and taking action to help us, he cast blame on his 1 man maintence crew (because honestly, a man by the name of Ken is the only one you’ll ever see doing maintence repairs there) and walked out on us. As a supposed manager of a complex, I would hope that the man could handle himself better than that. We have been released of our contract and are now looking for a new place to live. I beg any of you looking to live there to head in another direction. I have known other people to live there to have such horror stories as ours. They lie to your faces and are incredibly dismissive. It’s very clear they just want your money in their rent box every month.

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