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Published: 01 June 2018

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My Wife Brittany and I visited Dr. Stanley R. Beard, DMD and Beard Dentistry on June 8, 2015 at 2PM to receive one of our routine, twice yearly dental cleanings. We only selected Dr. Beard because our regular Dentist (one of the most highly accredited Dentists in the world) is more than 9 hours away from our present location. Before making our appointment, I sent both panoramic and bite-wing X-rays to Dr. Beard’s office. I was ensured that we would ONLY be charged $ 282 for our cleanings and initial office exam. Upon arriving at Dr. Beard’s office, Beard Dentistry refused to do our cleanings without charging us for additional X-Rays. Because my wife and I had to drive more than 1 hour to get to the office and plan more than 1 month in advance to get the same day off (and because we believe in practicing excellent dental hygiene) – we reluctantly agreed. As we were filling out the paperwork to get treatment, I asked if I could bring my service dog, Andrea, inside the building as she was waiting in the car on an extremely hot day. Legally, I do not have to ask to bring her inside but I was attempting to be polite and courteous. Even though there was no one else in the lobby, Beard Dentistry refused to allow me to bring my service dog (who is prescribed to me by a doctor) inside. Next, they took both Brittany and I back to get our cleanings and X-Rays. During my cleaning, Hygienist April Overstreet misrepresented Dr. Beard’s credentials as being a “Fellow in the AACD” after I informed her that the Dentist who placed my Dental Veneers was a Fellow. Dr. Beard is merely a “General Member” of the AACD – which means that he has only attended AACD conventions. He is not recognized by the AACD as even an Accredited Member. To become a Fellow in the AACD (one of the most rigorous and demanding processes in Dentistry) a Dentist must first be an Accredited Member and then present 50 additional clinical cases to the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry. Only slightly more than 60 Dentists worldwide have achieved this status – and Dr. Stanley R. Beard, DMD of Beard Dentistry is certainly NOT one of them. The above information can be verified by going here to the official AACD website:,2,3,4,5,6&currentCode=558b37d2b06ee&include_add=&include_accr=&agreeTerms=1&sort=level&stype=&type=&p=1 results After taking my X-Rays I was erroneously informed that I had a gap between my porcelain veneer and my tooth 18 (back molar on the left side of the mouth – one before the wisdom tooth). Dr. Beard and the hygienist treating Brittany informed her of an additional $357 in treatment she did not need as of 6 months ago. Both Brittany and I practice excellent home dental care. Dr. Beard and both hygienists were trying to upsell Brittany and I on everything from Airflossers to porcelain veneers. He insulted both Brittany and myself by telling her that her mouth does not close properly because of the alignment of her teeth (not true) and questioning the integrity of my porcelain veneers (which were placed by a MUCH more qualified and accredited Dentist than Dr. Beard). We found the entire office staff to be rude, unprofessional, and incompetent. We were charged $324 and both left the office feeling extremely upset and scammed. Today, June 24, 2015 I called Beard Dentistry to request emailed copies of the X-Rays so that I could send them to my dentist. The person who answered the phone, Cindy, was extremely rude to the point of being hostile and refused to send the X-Rays. Brittany and I would like a refund from Beard Dentistry in the amount of $324. .

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