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Published: 07 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my travel trailer to Beaudry RV for a 30 point inspection advertised at $158. When I dropped off the trailer, the service assistant, Rocky, asked me if I had any issues with the trailer. I said I knew the refrigerator wasn’t working, a light was not working, and I wanted to replace the cracked LP gas cover but I would install that myself. Rocky showed me the advertisment with the $158 price and reviewed the points that would be inspected which included a basic refrigerator check. I signed a service agreement which had no dollar amounts listed but it did list the 30 points to be inspected and it noted my three additional comments. After the inspection, Rocky called me with a “hit list” of items recommended for repair. I declined all but one of the recommended repairs because, after price shopping, I found that I could get them much cheaper elsewhere. I agreed to pay for parts to replace some bearings because the labor for a bearing re-pack was part of the 30 point inspection cost. I also feel that I agreed to the cost of the LP gas cover because I said I wanted to replace it but I did not agree to labor because I said I would install it myself. When I returned to pick up the trailer on Saturday, June 13, I was presented with an invoice with $194 in excessive and unapproved labor charges. I realize that I was also over-charged for the few parts I did receive, but I am not disputing them – my fault for not shopping those as well. I did, however, attempt to dispute the labor charges before I left. They had billed the 30 point inspection at $198 instead of the advertised $158. They added $110 in labor for a refrigerator diagnosis. They added $22 in labor to agree that the light wasn’t working. They added $22 in labor to install the LP gas cover, which I clearly said I would replace myself. I met with Rocky and the assistant service manager on duty that Saturday to discuss the excessive labor charges and was extremely disappointed with the outcome. They did adjust the 30 point inspection down to it’s advertised price and blamed it on a math error, saying that the “girls up front can’t add”. I thought this extremely disrespectful and offensive. They removed the $22 labor they charged to agree with my assessment that the light didn’t work – a ridiculous charge since I had already made that assessment on my own. They did not remove the $110 refrigerator diagnosis labor or the $22 labor to install the LP gas cover. Rocky said he quoted me for the refrigerator diagnosis and I agreed to it. That was a bold faced lie as I had already priced a refrigerator diagnosis at another repair shop for 69.99 and would never have agreed to $110 at Beaudry. It became my word against Rocky’s and the Asst Svc Mgr stood with Rocky and threatened to re-instate all the charges back to the original invoice if I didn’t want to accept the charge for the refrigerator diagnosis. Not only was this threatening, but it was also unfair. I had already been charged too much for the LP gas cover and although I had made it very clear that I would install that myself, they would not budge on the $22 labor charge either. Throughout the whole conversation, I was treated with extreme lack of respect. Not once did I feel like Rocky or the Asst Svc Manager cared about retaining me as a customer. Ultimately, I was told that the charges stood and I must pay them if I wanted to get my trailer back. After the Asst Svc Mgr reminded me that they are not responsible for any theft loss or damages, all I wanted to do was get my trailer and leave. Although my bill was adjusted down $72 for obvious billing errors, I was still overcharged $132 but did not feel safe leaving the trailer over the weekend to return to dispute the charges with a higher ranking manager. In conclusion, I feel that I was charged for services that were not authorized and I was treated disrespectfully when I tried to negotiate an adjustment for the overbilling. I also felt threatened when I was told that I would not get my trailer back if I didn’t agree to their charges and I did not feel safe leaving my trailer there over the weekend to discuss the issue with a higher ranking manager on Monday. Lori Chandler, ArizonaU.S.A.

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