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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Have experienced several problems with Beautifiedyou in the last two years and will list out the complaints. | First of all, Beautifiedyou takes too long to send out orders placed by customers despite billing their credit cards for the products. I have waited weeks for product deliveries while other companies take 5-7 days from the time of order to the time of delivery. On most occasions, I end up waiting 14 days to receive orders. On other occasions, I have waited a month to three months to receive an order. | When complaining to Beautifiedyou, it is impossible to reach anyone by phone; it rolls through to voice mail because they simply don’t pick up the phone. When I have complained about their customer service, their excuse is they are a small company and cannot afford to hire more staff. Obviously, if they cannot fulfill orders on a timely basis or if they cannot provide ample customer support, they need to expand because their current business model is not keeping up with customer demands and they need to revisit hiring more employees to avoid losing customers. | They notoriously do not contact customers when they are not able to fulfill orders or if the order somehow needs to be changed. On one occasion, I ordered a Clarisonic Mia for my spouse in white. I waited nearly two weeks for delivery before contacting the company to inquire about why it was taking so long. When I inquired, they stated they did not have it in white and claimed they contacted me by e-mail to ask if I wanted it in another color. They did no such thing. No e-mail was received. I went as far to check my junk mail and nothing was there. I asked to see the e-mail they claimed to have sent and they never resent it to me. It basically boils down to their employees not doing their jobs. | About a year ago, I placed an order for Peter Thomas Roth’s Rose Stem Cell cream. I received an order stating they were back ordered and would not get the shipment in for about 30 days. In the meantime, I contacted Peter Thomas Roth to inquire why their product could not be found anywhere online or in stores. The customer service rep stated the company had decided to stop making the cream. When I followed up with Beautifiedyou, they had no clue that the company was not making it anymore, although they stated they were still supposed to receive a back order from them. Almost two and a half months later, they finally sent the product. In the meantime, they had offered to give a $5 discount on the order. | They never applied the $5 discount so I had to dispute it with my credit card company. Although Citibank removed the $5 credit permanently because of supporting documentation I sent them, Beautifiedyou sent me an e-mail after the charge was removed asking me to take to charge out of dispute. I re-explained that the $5 credit was never applied and the customer service rep argued with me that the $5 was supposed to me applied to future purchases. Not true. And Citibank would not have permanently removed the charge if this was the case. | I continued to order products from them primarily because they are less expensive than their competitors but continued to complain about the speed to deliveries because they need to fulfill orders more quickly. | About a week ago, I placed an order with the company. About 24 hours later, I received an e-mail from them stating they could not fulfill the order. No explanation. I replied to the e-mail asking why the order could not be fulfilled. I received a response saying they were terminating fulfilling my orders because of the problems on previous orders. Basically, they terminated the relationship because I had complained too much. | I cannot even begin to say how unprofessional their treatment is towards customers. I’ll go further to say I am not the only customer with problems. Their reviews on Facebook and Yelp are terrible, mostly complaints of customer service.

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