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Published: 24 January 2020

Posted by: Krames

At first I didn’t understand the appeal of Then I went on and used numerous pictures of very attractive women from other dating sites and posted them there and made fake profiles and got accepted with all. What I found out is amazing. For one, the main reason people go on beautifulpeople has nothing to do with looks but everything to do ego. They are stoking their own. The majority of the members are so insecure and unconfident about themselves it’s amazing. You have people from all walks of life and professions and many of them are what they say they are. One was a surgeon, who provided pictures of himself in the operating room – a very handsome man. But he was so insecure about his sexuality and so limited in his social skills that I found it hard to even have a normal conversation with him. Another guy, also very handsome, sent a lot of benign messages to me but after a while he started trying to pump me for information on what I thought about his looks as if that was more important than character. Even the one guy who I though was a halfway decent character started sending me messages indicating that he wanted me to talk dirty to him. Similiar incidents like this happened over and over and over again with other guys. And forget about the women. The majority are so low class they’re slightly a step up from porn star material – and that’s only slightly. There are a lot more women with class on sites like zoosk and match than on beautifulpeople. At least they are real and down to earth. The majority of women on beautiful people, no matter their age, are embarrasingly crass. Seeing a 60 year old women who is trying to be something she is not – half naked in an attempt to be sexy is soooo not sexy. It’s funny and embarassing. Almost all the women, no matter their age, with the exception of maybe 2, had pictures in various states of undress. There was not one girl who had that healthy girl next door look. All were trying to be something they were not and the majority had professionally touched up pictures to boot. That goes for a lot of the men too. Overall, that’s how I would describe beautifulpeople. The biggest flaw of beautifulpeople however is that unless you live in an urban area you would be hard pressed to meet anyone in your area. But after what I have found out about the shallow superficial members, why would you want to? .

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