Beaver Mower & Equipment Repair

Beaver Mower & Equipment Repair Review

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Published: 30 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

So I took my mower to beaver mower to have it repaired as it was not running. I went for the $74.99 plus parts tuneup. I went to pick the mower up and my bill was $154.60. It turns out that the mower needed a new cable that connects to the safety handle. So they went ahead and installed it without even a call me to tell me that it needed one. Instead of replacing only the one cable that was damaged, they replaced both cables. The cable assembly they charged me for was $53. The cable that needed replaced is available for $11. I could’ve bought a brand-new mower for $100 more than he charged me for the “tuneup”. They told me that repair would take two weeks, it took 3 1/2. Furthermore my mower was left outside the whole time and now is rusted. Obviously the owner was having a bad day and actually got in my face which I told was a huge mistake for him which he agreed and proceeded to call the cops. He demanded payment in cash and would not release my mower without my claim check. What a weirdo.

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