Beavers Built Construction

Beavers Built Construction

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Published: 28 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Bradley Beavers of Beavers Built Construction did not complete the work and refuses to honor the signed contract. He will not answer my phone calls or text messages unless he thinks it is a potential new client. He talked a good game but believe me he does not have the resources or the knowledge to deliver the services he promises. In the beginning, the work performed was very shoddy and he admitted to me it was because he had to randomly hire people to attempt to complete the work. He agreed that the little work that was done, needed to be all ripped out and redone. After that conversation, weeks went by with no contact whatsoever. He finally sent a new worker to rip everything out. The trashed materials laid in my yard for another few weeks with no work being done during this time. The new worker finally came back and took the old materials away with his dump truck and promised to return and complete the work once Bradley bought the new materials. He showed up a week or so later and worked for a day with any materials he could scrounged up. He said he was instructed by Bradley to make the old materials, he hauled away in his dump truck, work any way possible and to use wood putty to fill in the old screw holes and any cracks. He did what he could but eventually spoke to me over the phone and said he couldn’t complete the job because Bradley had no money to buy materials or to even pay him to do the work. So my house is like a danger zone and now I will have to spend more money to have the work completed before anyone gets hurt. He still will not answer my phone calls or texts and I have given him countless opportunities to make it right and honor the contract. Do yourself a favor and ask him for references, go look at his past work and talk to his past clients. I think he would be hard pressed and reluctant to provide you with any references. It has been over two months since this nightmare began and it still continues. I would never recommend Beavers Built Construction to anyone.

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