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Frisked, and Confiscated my Belongings.

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Published: 28 October 2019

Posted by: anonymous

In 2017, I stayed at the Beaverton Just Compassion Shelter – ONE NIGHT. I was not on any illicit substances and presented well kept. Still, I was treated like a prisoner upon entry.

Before entry, I was frisked. A white ’female’ who appeared to be in her mid-40s, , came at me moving her hands back and forth towards my body, as if I literally had a bomb strapped under my sweater and coat. Obviously, I did not. Nor do I know how to make a bomb. Nor do I know anyone who makes bombs for a living. My aversion towards the female, did not stop her from frisking me, though. Be frisked or get on your way, and risk getting arrested for trespass sleeping in the outside foyer of someone’s business.

You think people would showcase some empathy and compassion towards those who are struggling in the community. Hell, it’s in the name of the organization. But no. It’s the complete opposite. I felt as if the person doing the frisking was literally there to profile people who are struggling, as opposed to saving lives. Like they would write down your description and send it to some secret group or something. Some people do get profiled, too – as there is a heavy Mexican population in Washington County.

Next, I was asked to give all my personal belongings to a man at a counter who would later retrieve them, and give them back to me in the morning? This is very risky, don’t you think? But, it’s legal. You are a beggar at this point, and if you don’t follow their ’rules,’ you get ousted from the facility. Overnight, the staff people will certainly rummage through your personal belongings and depending on how shady the area is – you may not get some of the stuff back. Sad, but true. I did receive all my items back.

I ended up struggling due to a landlord tenant dispute, which resulted in having a landlord who bullied me out of the unit. In Oregon, most landlord tenant matters such as bullying and illegal evictions (locking a person out, bagging up his stuff) are considered to be ”civil” matters. If you went into a grocery store, however, and bagged  a bunch of cookies, milk, spaghetti, rice, toilet paper, pens, post-it notes, etc. into a big 35 gallon garbage bag and threw it on the store’s floor- I am pretty sure that would be considered to be a criminal offense.

Thus, due  to decriminalization of landlord violence, many innocent people with educational degrees end up getting ’harassed’ out of their homes. So you’re walking around, and you have never seen one of these facilities before.  I thought it would look like a youth hostel and have communal food and a kitchen. Maybe a living room with a TV to watch movies. No way!

You are on a 2 inch thick mat on a dirty gymnasium floor. There are rules for entry and exit. If you need to leave in the middle of the night or want to go for a walk, you are not allowed back in until the morning.

Beaverton Just Compassion is a Prison – Run Like Hell

PS. Today is 10/26 and all week the temperature is in the low 30s at night. The facility won’t open up until 11/7 and is only open one day a week. Unbelievable.

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