Beazer Homes, Long Lake Ranch

Beazer Homes, Long Lake Ranch

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Published: 07 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I would be extremely cautious in the purchase of any Beazer home if you expect any kind of customer service after they have sold you a home. I recently went through an issue with a community under development in Florida where since day 1 of the purchase of our home – we had an issue with the grading of the backyard. The grading was so poor that water would simply pool up directly in the middle of our yard. This issue perpetually got worse and worse over time and it got to a point that it finally needed to be addressed. I am not normally one to complain about anything – in fact, not for one single issue in our home did we complain to Beazer or EVER have a contractor come out to our house to fix literally ANYTHING for us. I began the work of killing off and tiling the back yard for new sod myself because in my book if it is broke you just fix it. At our one year inspection, my wife explained to one of the contractors employed by Beazer the issues we had with our back yard and she did make request for them to fix the work they had botched in the first place. A nominal request given that we had not requested any other service to our home when we completely entitled to it during our warrantied period. This contractor instructed us not to do any further work to our yard and that he would work on a resolution for us. Months passed “I put in a work order”, “The guys should be out next week”, “I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you”, “They should have the results ready by now”, “It’s the fence guys fault”, “You shouldn’t have started working on it”. Excuses – nothing but a bunch of nonsense excuses. This is dirt and grass we are talking about here – and it has taken months of dragging feet to do a whole lot of nothing. Their sales staff will blow up your phone with all sorts of customer service prior to your purchase – but once you are in it is radio silence. I am not even so much as concerned about the cost of the work to be done and who is paying for it or performing it – which that will be me at this point because frankly I do not trust this company for anything. It is sad that our buying experience has been completely tainted by a complete lack of customer service on the back end of our purchase especially for us who have not requested anything but for some dirt and grass to be installed properly in our back yard. Buy a home from them if you want – the communities are beautiful and the homes are generally very well built. Just know that once the sale is complete they are done with you, especially Mark H and Jason C.

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