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When I purchased a Samsung S7 from their wesbite, I had read good reviews, emailed a NZ email address, and visited an NZ website.

When the phone turned up, I found it was not getting reception anywhere in my home, which has never been a problem.

I emailed them about this, as well as the missing accessories that I had purchased.

It is a really long story that I am exhausted of retelling every time I have a phone call. The phone call quality is so poor even my mother and nana hang up on me. I can barely use it, even when it is getting reception which is rare.

It will not update to the latest Samsung firmware, suggesting it is a fake.

The battery life is half of what I know S7s to be.. I used to get 2 days use from my old one, this one requires charging twice a day.

The phone freezes everytime I go into time settings.

The reception cuts out and loses phone calls even in strong areas.

When I do take phone calls, I get yelled at and hung up on because the quality is so poor.

I did drop the phone a few days after receiving it, but I was only using it because I was desperate for some form of device,

and I had emailed about these issues and more before I had even left the house with the phone.

They are now using this to void warranty, even though it is clearly irrelevant.

I did some more research and found a lot of negative information about this company.

My major concern is that a company from HongKong can parade as a local company!! And they have managed to disable all forms of reviewing them across any platform I could find.

The biggest trigger? Aside from the inferior quality product? The invoice that came with the phone was for less than half the value that I had paid. When I questioned the legality or fraudulent reasons for this, they said “as the purchaser we do not recommend you get a third party involved.”

I am now left with an unusable phone, and an uncontactable HongKong company.

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