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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Beck Finance Group in Sersota FL. will promise to reduce your principal and intrest on your home loan. Jlyn Beck will tell you everything you want to here untill she has your money. She promised to reduce my monthly payments by getting a mortage modfication that would lower my principal and interest. I GOT NEITHER!!!! She will tell you to STOP making your mortage payments and for YOU to NOT contact your mortage lender, she will do it all on your behalf. Once Beck Finance Group has your money they stop returning phone calls and will block your e mails. When I started posting my experance on line, Jalyn Beck hired an attorney to send me a STOP AND DECIST ORDER, which I have ignored. I have contacted the Attorney General of Florida and they confirmed they have complants from other consumers reguarding Beck Finance Group.I will be following up with complaint to the Florida Financial Regulation Board. I am a business owner and never thought I would get scamed, Jlyn is crafty on the phone, she knowns how to trap you by getting you behing in your mortage payments they telling you it will all be OK she is a professional and knows every rule and regulation. I was within days of loosing my home when I contacted my mortage company because Jlyn Beck would not return my call. Thank God my mortage company worked with me or I waold have lost my home it was deep into foreclosure because I followed Jlyn Becks instructions not to make my payments. In the end my mortage company offered me a internal stream line modfication. Because of Beck Financial I now have a 40 year mortage instead of a 30 year mortage which in the end will cost me many tens of thousands of dollars. Here is a link to the Florida Attorney Generals web site page on Mortage Modfication Fraud, Beck Finance Group violated many laws in my non lawyer opinion, I will be filing complants to every regulitory board as well as contacting news media, and posting my experance everywhere on line.

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