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Published: 02 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously


Go to: On the left hand side click \”Search Our Records & Documents\” In the Defendant field type \”Becker, Joseph\” and press enter
Doing this will retrieve the following civil cases:

Case 199618574 – Civil lawsuit brought by rape victim following Joe Becker\’s criminal conviction. Joe Becker was found guilty of Aggravated Sexual Assault and Plaintiff was awarded over $1 million in damages. This is a separate case from the criminal trial in which he was convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

Case 200251401 – Lawsuit brought by Texas State Board of Public Accountancy because Joe Becker was still holding himself out as a CPA after his license was permanently REVOKED, NOT voluntarily surrendered as he likes to claim. A Permanent Injuction was entered against Joe Becker in this case.

Case 200340142 – Lawsuit brought against Joe Becker by the Texas State Bar for providing legal services when he is not an attorney. A Permanent Injunction was entered against Joe Becker in this case.

Case 200808162 – Lawsuit for FRAUD brought by Moody National Bank against a client of Becker\’s Tax Service LP, Joseph C. Becker and Becker\’s Tax Service LP. Joe Becker produced fake financial statements for this client (you can get the name from the case documents) with inflated income. These financial statements were then given to Moody National Bank in connection with a loan sought by the client. Joe Becker was found guilty of fraud and a judgement was issued against Joseph Becker and Becker\’s Tax Service, LP for roughly $600,000 in this case.

Case 200869017 – Lawsuit for FRAUD brought by a firm that attempted to purchase Joe Becker\’s business in 2007. This case is still pending in court.

The links to each of theses cases contain all relevant court documents in PDF file format. Please don\’t take my word for it…READ THE DOCUMENTS. You\’ll be shocked and appalled at what you find.

If the above information isn\’t enough:

Go to
On the left hand side click \”Crime Records\”
Again on the left hand side click \”Sex Offender Search\”
Click \”Sex Offender Registry\”
Search by name for Joseph C Becker
This will pull up Joe Becker\’s Sex Offender profile & mugshots

If that still doesn\’t convince you to stay away:

Go to:
Click License Lookup – Individual Licensee
In the name field type \”Becker, J\”
Click the link to \”Becker, Joseph\”

You will clearly see that Mr. Joseph C. Becker\’s CPA license was Suspended in 1994 for \”Discreditable Acts\”. You will also see that in 1999 his CPA license was permanently REVOKED for \”Discreditable Acts\”. This man did not \”voluntarily surrender\” his license as he claims.

Please, please please…follow the above instructions to research this man and stay away from him! Tell everyone you know to stay away as well. He is nothing but a common criminal, pervert, thug, bully, liar and con-artist. He will file a rebuttal to this report as he always does claiming \’so-and-so is a liar and they\’re out to get me, blah, blah blah\’. PUBLIC RECORDS DON\’T LIE FOLKS. Skip the \”he said, he said\” and get to the truth…the public records available on this man and his \”business\” will reveal all you need to know.


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