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Published: 14 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Hello I have been f***ed over by these criminal scammers. Beckster and mystery are both criminals. They should be jailed. Beckster is scumbag along with mystery. | I first paid £1200 for his bootcamp and then I paid £600 after sunday 6pm to to learn some useless scammy method to pick up strippers and other hired guns, which I will go into later. But here is the scedule so it makes sense. | Friday | 7pm -11pm Seminar with Mystery, Beckster, Alvaro Reyes | Infield 11.30pm – 1.30am | Saturday | 12Noon – 3pm Day game with Alvaro Reyes | 4pm -8pm Seminar with Mystery, Beckster, Alvaro Reyes | 10.30PM – 2am Infield with Mystery, Beckster, Alvaro Reyes | Sunday | 3pm – 6pm Seminar with Mystery, Beckster, Alvaro Reyes | The trash they teach and all the scammy useless s****y “knowledge” is available online, so you don’t need to do a BootCamp if you don’t want to, more on that later. | The instructors were just useless, Beckster is supposed to be a MPUA with 10+ years of experience. I didn’t see him doing any sets so I cannot comment. But based on the fact that he speaks like a retarded lower class chav, I certainly wasn’t impressed. | The big scam was the last day(Sunday) was a special “bolt on” where you had to pay an additional £600 GBP to learn “stripper and hired guns” game. We were told that in the night we would go to bars and pickup bartenders and hired guns and do bar hopping. When the night came, to my surprise we went to exactly the same club as the night before and all that Mystery and Beckster did was to push us into sets and without doing any sarging themselves. There stuff is truely useless and did not work on any woman at all. I felt cheated and complained to Beckster but he refused to give me my money back. He is a lieing piece of s***, what more can I expect from a criminal scum. | Mystery’s game: | I’m spilling the beans here and will give you all the details so no one needs to do a BootCamp themselves. | Let me give the gist first before I go into the details. Mistery has invested a lot of time in honing his SOCIAL skills and he really is an SOCIAL artist. Being social for him didn’t translate into tangible results in the 3 nights we went out. | First of all his game is not as good as the marketing goes. I went out with him 3 nights and was basically by his side all the time. I can assure you that he went home alone every single night. This is contrary to the marketing of Beckster where he said that they were pulling every night. As is the case a lot of game boils down to looks and Mystery at age 44 has a hard time in a club where the folks are in their early twenties. | I will break down his game at the end. | How the nights went: | I only saw Mystery get massive attraction on the first night were a drunk HB 7 was totally into him. She was american and I’m not sure if she recognized him from TV. Anyways he did do a great job with her because she was mesmerized and literally tried to rape him. But she was very drunk and at the end of the night the security threw her out of the club. So basically only a drunked out girl wanted mystery which is not impressive at all. Any guy in the right place, right time could have that happen to him. | Mystery didn’t get any HB, but he managed to garner lots of attention, especially using his magic tricks. On the other hand this also made him like a dancing monkey. I saw at least one man in a group of people asking him to demo the same magic trick that he had just done again. M complied and got all the attention, but this didn’t translate into a lay. And after he repeated the same magic demos again and again throughout the night at the end he did come off as a dancing monkey to me. | He got a lot of interest and lots of girls talked to him, so he really manages to captivate people but this didn’t translate to results. | I would say lots of his game is flash game. | E.g. I saw one interaction with a fatty go like this: Mystery: FC: How old are you? | That was basically the end of the interaction. I guess Mistery would have done much better if he was younger, but this just shows that looks matter more than Mistery will admit. | Breaking down Mystery’s game: | First you have to understand that Mystery really looks impressive. He is a tall guy who has extremely masculine features and a very good voice. On pictures he often might look skinny because of his height but once you are with him you realize that this is an illusion. He definitively takes up physical space and dwarfs most people around him. The guy is no weakling either, he can easily pick up(no pun intended) an average woman and carry her around the club, I’ve witnessed it first hand. | So yes, a lot of his game is a matter of physical impressiveness and guys who don’t have it will definitively have a much harder time doing this kind of game. So it’s not just a matter of technique or “game”. | Mystery is really 100% scripted so everything he says and does in field is rehearsed and a routine. And it are the same routines you can read and find all over the internet if you search for seduction material. So no secret sauce here. | So what makes Mystery so good? | He is really good at putting the routines/gambits together. His delivery Putting the pieces together: | This boils down to having a lot of practice and having done tons of sets. After a while you hopefully know all kinds of contingencies that might happen and are prepared to react to them. While watching Mistery I never saw him being at a lack of words. He always knew exactly what to do and how to deal with each and everything. E.g. if he is talking to a girl and one of her friends comes in he might use the canned line: “Introduce me to your friend, that’s the polite thing to do.” Etc… | So how do you get there? By practicing a lot and learning routines/gambits for each possible contingency. | Delivery: | Use sophisticated vocabulary: | AFC: Baby can you get me a cigarette? Mystery: Use your womanly wiles to procure a cigarette for me. | Here comes the hard part, how are you supposed to learn the delivery? The truth is there are quite a few infield videos of mystery out there if you search the internet and youtube. Also keep in mind that basically Mistery does the same delivery in field as he does when he demonstrates routines in the classroom. And you can see demos of him in some products and youtube. So yes, this information is available and you just have to search for it. Just don’t be lazy. | Mystery delivery in field is exactly the same he does in the seminar room when he demonstrates a routine as he often does. You can see examples of his demos in different products of his. | E.g. Mystery – Hired Guns And Stripper Game | Also if you watch some videos on youtube or torrent sites, e.g. watch the infield videos of VH1 The Pickup Artist show. | All the other instructors were useless. I have found out that beckster made them work for free. | so to sum up there is no such thing as game. Looks are everything. Even if you have the best social skills, height like mystery you still won’t get laid. Mystery and beckster are conmen. You can’t teach people how to get laid. Its impossible, no social skill in the world will get a woman into bed if you ain’t good looking. Imagine a ugly fat woman, there is no way in the world most normal males would f**k one no matter how good her social skills are, no matter how much top level “game” she has. Its exactly the same for women. You can’t f**k a hot woman if your ugly no matter how good your social skills are as mystery the scamming dancing clown demonstrates. | Pua is the biggest scam I have been f***ed over by. I am now -£1800 while these criminals continue to scam more victims in the future.

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