Becky McGraw Wall MD

Don’t trust this witch for your treatment. Avoid her clinic.

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Mitchell

Dr. McGraw did 2 BOTCHED SURGERIES ON ME!!! Now I have a damaged nose and a permanent breathing difficulty all because of her negligence. Dr. Becky McGraw is too old and incompetent for her job. She shouldn’t be doing what she’s doing and it’s a shame that doctors are like her are running such clinics in the society. It’s a dangerous fact and people should be aware of her negligence and incompetence. She lacks empathy, humanity and any trace of sensitivity. She did a horrendous job on my nose through 2 rhinoplasties. I’ve been suffering difficulty in breathing because of the cruelty of Dr. Becky. She’s rich and she uses her resources to make sure that her failed patients don’t get to speak out the truth.

The reviews you see online are either made up or written by those who’ve never seen the true side of this criminal. I had visited her clinic to get my sinus treated. She told me that I’ll need to undergo surgery for the treatment of my condition. I had asked her if there were any alternatives to the surgery because it was really expensive and I was scared to get surgery done too. But she told me that there weren’t any alternatives. So, I underwent surgery and she f*cked it up. the surgery failed. I ended up with a permanently deformed nose which was causing me difficulty in breathing. It could’ve been fatal. I was recovering from that surgery but the problem in breathing had made my life worse. Then, she recommended me to undergo a small procedure for the treatment of the blocked nose. I was a little skeptical but she assured me that nothing would go wrong in any case. She manipulated me into trusting her. I know I shouldn’t have trusted this witch for another surgical procedure but I thought it was a small one and it was only to rectify her error. So I let her do the surgery. I blame myself for making such a huge mistake. If I had known at the time that I’d be facing such consequences, I wouldn’t have chosen to get a surgery done by her. I wouldn’t have. I don’t know why I even agreed to that at that point. I hadn’t consulted my family before making this decision and that’s why I paid so heavily.

Anyway, the second surgery was botched up too. She treated the nose but the blockage wasn’t removed completely, which has caused a permanent respiratory disorder to me. I’m no longer able to breathe normally. My life is completely ruined and it’s undeniable that I wouldn\’t ever trust Dr. McGraw for the treatment of any of my friends or family. She is a vicious sadist who doesn’t bother to care about her patients. She didn’t issue any compensation to me for doing two botched surgeries on my sinus. And she didn’t even apologize for the messes she created.

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