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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Rayne Renz

I moved into 125 Northgate Drive, Woodside CA on June 1. The landlord who owns the master lease of the property, Oliver Hanisch, outlined an arrangement where I would rent a room in a large estate and could hold a month to month lease in order to allow me to move when I found office space for my new company. The day I moved in, I realized I had entered a nightmare. My “room” was a closet inside the room where a 40 year old man slept. As a former model, this seemed likely to be extremely uncomfortable, and when I discovered the fact that there wasn’t even a lock on my door- I became even more concerned. This coupled with the fact that the outside of the house is stunning, and the inside of the house had garbage strewn everywhere- made me increasingly anxious. Then I realized that Oliver housed his young, German employees in the estate (many, I suspect don’t have the right visa requirements to work in the U.S. lawfully, but that’s a tangent). About a week into living here, it became not dissimilar to lord of the flies. The “house manager” a young woman, Sophie Baumann, decided to dislike me vehemently (I chalked this up to the fact that I befriended a few guys in the house the first day and organized tennis matches, something they applauded since no one in the house was previously active)… I then found Sophie throwing out my possessions. When I walked in on her doing this, she refused to put my items back. Then I found my brand new 428i grand coupe BMW scratched up, by the looks of which had been etched out with a key. The police got involved. Then started the abusive language by the German employees right outside of my room, and my hiring an attorney to sort out the matter. (Obviously I was told to “vacate” after this). Through all of this- there was very little response from Hanisch. The point of the matter is, I’ve suffered a considerable amount and have had no headspace to write (I’m an accomplished ghostwriter and moved to this specific location to work on serious projects in what I had hoped would be serenity). My point in contacting a myriad of channels is so that no one else moves into this picturesque place thinking they are entering a fairytale and having to deal with an absolute nightmare.

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