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Published: 19 April 2019

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This individual was posting pictures of proof that she was able to turn $100 to $1000. She said it was easy and it was legal. the picture that interested me was one where she said the it can be as low as $20 just to prove it. That was when I tried to contact her to see how everything is processed. In every picture she posted, she would post her number. I texted her saying who I was and what the process is. She claimed that it was an easy process where I buy a Vanilla reload card in which I eould have to reload money, she would redeem it, “flip” the money and return it to me into thousands. I asked what her job was and where the money came from and she said that she is a CNA and that PLS was helping her with the money. She told me that the process would only take an hour. I did what she said, I bought the vanilla reload, loaded it with $200, and sent her the pin behind the card so she can redeem it. After an hour, I asked her what happened and if the process went through. She did not contact me until three hours later saying that the process was successful but that she was “kicked”out of the network. She said I could ask for a refund of my $200 in which she would send if I bought and reloaded another vanilla card. I dumbfoundedly bought another card believing that she would refund my money because I am in desperate need for it back, which was $220. I contacted her saying that I purchased the second card, therefore she responded right away asking to give her time because she was with a client. After two two hours she contacted me asking for the pin, I gave it to her but hours passed and I never got another response from her to see if I received my refund. I called the number of the reload card and it said that the money was redeemed already. I am continuing to contact her but she does not respond. I have told her that I want my refund back but I stead of responding me, she blocked me from her profile after I tried to contact her about my money. The last thing I told her was that I reported her for fraud. .

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