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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

WARNING!!! DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO BEEYOND ENGINEERING (MILWAUKEE, WI) Hello all, I am writing this thread so that none of you get scammed like I just was from late May 2016 – early June 2016 by a car mechanic shop called BEEYOND ENGINEERING in Milwaukee Wisconsin (8025 N. 76th St. Milwaukke WI 53223) Here is my recent story: Hello, I recently purchased a 99 GSX and took it to a mechanic shop called Beeyond Engineering on 8025 N 76th Street. I bought a new engine and had them install it for $800. They claimed the new engine had a cracked block and then immediately tried to get me to buy one of their engines for 2400. An EVO 3 used engine import from Japan. They advised me to take legal action right away against the sellers of the engine without even letting me first come see the engine myself. I told them that the engine was brand new and newly fabricated by AMS in West Allis (I have the paperwork) and the people who sold it to me stood behind the product. The sellers of the engine went down to the mechanic shop and inspected the engine and could see no crack. Beeyond demanded that they take the car and have it checked out elsewhere for a closer look, which I did by an Eclipse expert at his shop. He examined the engine and found zero cracks despite their claim of a 4 inch gaping crack. When we came to examine the engine for ourselves they didn’t expect to be faced with a DSM expert who quickly ripped their mechanic apart for a ridiculously shotty job on the install. Beeyond tried to claim it had a crack but what they did was not install one of the plugs to make it appear to leak when they poured water into the engine to fool us. I have stated paperwork of their claim that they witnessed the crack clearly by several of their mechanics. The Eclipse expert also took photographs showing how the engine was improperly installed. We came back to Beeyond and asked for my money back, upon which they claimed that we must have sabotaged the engine and that since we took it from their property, they no longer had any legal responsibility. Basically, they fabricated a lie stating that the engine was cracked and tried to hustle me for another engine. When I didn’t believe them they wanted me to inspect the engine elsewhere so they could claim no liability, which they did. They refused to give me my money back despite the engine being installed incorrectly. I am unable to afford this or a lawyer and I do not have the time to get a lawyer at the moment but I figured you guys were the best people to turn to. At least you can put pressure on them by boycotting them. I see myself as a person of integrity and I am appauled by their scamming. Do not do business with these people. They are liars and Bee, the owner of the shop said he examined the engine himself and saw the crack. I have recently installed the SAME engine through another party and the engine works great and their is no crack. The engine is an AMS BUILT 2G 7 BOLT DSM ECLIPSE TALON 4G63T TURBO 95-99 Before I did business with them I heard stories of Beeyond Engineering and their shady business practices but I chose to ignore them. Do not ignore my warning! Do not do business with these people! Matthew Milwaukee, WisconsinU.S.A.

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