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Published: 02 May 2019

Posted by: Nicole

I had gone to Beffa Dental for veneers. They help in improving the smile through an artificial cover of porcelain veneer case. I have a few chipped teeth and they completely ruin my smile. Initially, I had visited the place to find out what I can do for improving my smile. Those retards suggested my veneers. The suggestion was great but I called them retards because they didn’t know how to veneers. Even if they have no experience or knowledge in this field, they provide veneers to their patients. This is criminal behavior. I know they don’t have any knowledge or experience of this field because they did a pathetic job with my veneer.

You couldn’t get any worse results than mine. Veneering is a costly procedure. But Kyle had assured me that everything will be okay and I don’t have to worry about anything. He did the procedure. It took a few days because first they examine your teeth, take a small layer off of your enamel and then send it to the lab for the creation of the cover. Even though I had to wait for a couple of days, the final procedure didn’t take much time. It surely cost me a lot but at that time, I thought it was a wise investment. I was wrong.

The entire result was messed up. I didn’t get the expected results. Instead, I was stuck with a weirder looking smile. Within a month, I went to another dentist who, after doing a checkup, told me that my veneers were messed up. He thought I had gone to some low-grade dentist or a rookie to save money. He didn’t believe me when I told him that it was the work of Beffa Dental. You may ask what was the mess up.

First, they had done unnecessary veneering on a few teeth. They didn’t need veneering but Kyle didn’t hesitate in going a little extra. Second, the porcelain covers were not of proper shape. This procedure requires complete replicas of the respective teeth’s front. The cover was supposed to fit the tooth properly. That way, the smile doesn’t look artificial and the teeth look proper. That’s not all, the dentist also told me that behind 2 of the veneers, there was a little staining. Apparently, Kyle hadn’t used the right material for sticking the veneers.

I had to incur huge expenses to get those messed up veneers treated. Those rascals not only charged me a fortune for their so-called ‘cosmetic procedure’ but they also did it wrong. The dentist who fixed my veneer asked me if Kyle or his staff had shown me any 3D models or pictures before doing the procedure. I had to say no because I didn’t even know they were supposed to do that. They were supposed to do that to show me what my teeth would look like once I get the veneering done.

Beffa Dental is just a shithole which charges you a lot for doing nothing. I would advise you to run away from these guys. Save your money and your oral health.

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