Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches

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Published: 24 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I was at the women’s Program at BEHOPB and it was one of the worst facilities i had been to in South Florida. The marketing guy over the phone told me it was a luxury treatment center, that it was located on the beach, they had horses there, had a tv in every room, was one of the best rehabs in Florida….well I get there and it’s in the ghetto, in a crackhead neighborhood called Lake Worth, there is no beach, nor horses, not even a pool, the rooms are very mediocre, no tvs, shared bathroom among 10 women that was only sanitized once a day, lizards nesting in the rooms….. The psychiatrist there diagnosed nearly every client as bipolar and put them on medications that caused seizures….nurses administered medications that lowered patients blood pressures while they were still in detox without checking their vitals and they ended up in the ER…clients get into physical altrications amongst each other all the time but instead of resolving the issue, suspiciously usually one was seperated from the other by being sent to their co-ed php program. If insurance was paying for the client to stay there, they would make sure to keep them there regardless of what kind of behavior they present. Girls walked off in groups together, left to get high at the local crackhouses and came back only to be let right back in. This is a flop and they dont have a lot of review options on social media because they want to protect their reputation since they are super for profit and have partnerships with A and E and CNN They claim their practices are legal but for a marketer to lie to a client over the phone just to make a comission in the state of Florida has become a 3rd degree felony. They lie to you upon admission, their contracts are all on the computer and they dont let you look at them, you sign with an electronic pen pad and most clients are too f***** up to know whats going on but they tell you if you want to leave, you can ama anytime you want, really they are tricking you to sign a contract stating they have the right to hold your property for 24 hours if you AMA, includimg your cell phone, cash, and debit card, they actually take whatever cash you have and take it to their bank and turn it into a check. If you try to say you want to contact your attorney over this, or file any kind of grievance they take you to the psychiatrist or your therapist. They try to make you out to be clinically insane and overmedicate you. And if you refuse your medicine they will baker act you and lie and claim you are suicidal. Even if you act out to defy their cruel practices they will try to baker act you to cover themselves. And yet its okay for clients to get high as long as insurance pays for their detox again, or for them to fight other clients as long as their insurance is covering the full 42 days They will try to find whatever problem they can diagnose you wish until your insurance stops covering the treatment, then they will make up excuses to even give you the treatment you need. I was very excited for EMDR and couldnt receive it because insurance dropped me 2 weeks in and those are very standard things the 2,000 dollars a day my insurance paid for covers. I know their non existent amenities sure arent worth 2,000 a day!!! When insurance drops you, they no longer care about you they have simply discharged girls to halfway houses only for them to come right back to detox within a week. That is the system in south florida. Detox, php, and halfway. And treatment centers make a killing referring clients to halfway houses. I still have flashbacks and nightmares from being in this place.

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