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I would strictly advise against going to Behner Dental for even a regular check-up.

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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

The prime strategy hospitals and clinics use these days to attract more patients is digital marketing and a fancy website stating all of their achievements with good reviews and while it is completely okay to do so, it is not okay to publish false facts on their official website. This is the case with Behner Dental. Exaggerated facts and false claims seem to be the tagline of this place that I think it’s not even worthy of being called a clinic.

After deciding to get my teeth scaled, I started looking for clinics near me. While searching, I stumbled upon the name of Behner Dental. After going through its entire website, I decided to go to this place as it seemed too good online. I scheduled my appointment for 2 P.M and came in early to not miss the appointment. Sitting in the lavish waiting room, I asked a staff member for a glass of water and a magazine. The only thing I got in return was a nod with a beautifully decorated smile and not the things that I had asked for. I had to get up myself and fill up a glass with water and while that wasn’t much, I did not like the incompetence of the staff member. The doctor came in half an hour after the scheduled time.

I was called into the doctor’s cabin and without even being asked first about my problem, he told me that would need an X-Ray of my teeth. Scaling does not usually require an X-Ray and on asking whether it was necessary or not, I was shouted at for not letting him do his job. After looking at the X-Ray he told me he would be cleaning my teeth after five days. I took the prescription that he handed out to me and walked out of the place.

I came back to the clinic after five days. The thermostat of the waiting room was not working and there was a weird smell in the room. I had to suffer for an hour before I was called in. I had some queries regarding the procedure and I asked the doctor to clear my doubts as it was the first time I was getting my teeth cleaned. He did not bother to answer them as he was busy cleaning his dental scaler and curette.

I was held down by his assistant when the procedure started. It felt as if I was being choked. The doctor, in his hurry, scratched my tongue by his scalar. Instead of at least apologizing to me, he scolded me for not being still. I was literally at a loss of words. After the process was completed, I looked in the mirror to realize that it had not been done properly as the yellowness was still there.

All the paragraphs describing the professionalism of the doctors, the posh infrastructure, praises of the environment on the website are nothing but merely empty words.

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