Bekah Crivello

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Bekah Crivello is a first rate loser grad student

This grad school student will pose as harmless. She will smile at you and tell you how awesome you are, especially if she is attracted to your man. She will tell you how lucky you are to be married to such a man. She will talk sweet and friendly, and make you feel like you’re actually an amazing person, but behind your back this whore will try to lure your man into sleeping with her.
Yes, that’s what she does. She will make your man her friend and push an affair, act jealous every time he is with his wife. She will tell him he made a mistake, a huge mistake marrying you, and that she could have kept him much happier than his wife can. She is a bitch! She will tell your man she loves him and wants to be with him, send him intimate pictures etc. You get the drift
On Valentine ’s Day, this whore sent my husband a picture in her doctor gown, asking him whether he was spending his V-day with him. She’s a jealous bitch and wants all the attention she can get. She can falsly put you in the hospital, tell you you’re sick and then behind your back attack your husband with whatever she has, lure him into an affair. Such whores should be thrown down the drain. She is immoral, loose and is desperate for male attention. She will ruin your marriage all while smiling in your face and telling you how great you are. Stay away from this slithering whore.

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