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Bekelian Automotive Group

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Published: 16 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

So this so called family business is totally misleading the public along with hidden lies and agendas for it’s employees. How do I know this, because I worked everyday for the owner who’s name is Abe Bekelian. I worked everyday managing numbers that were given to me by the so called “Executive” team. It is a wonder that the IRS has not shown up here yet based on all the shady business dealings that go on behind the scenes with “deals” getting done under the table and this is just the beginning. I am glad that I did not have to supply correct numbers to anyone of authority because I would of been held responsible. As far as the general public is concerned, we sat around everyday discussing how we need to “sell” service to the public even if they did not need service done on thier vehicle. This was a big joke everyday as to how we need to take advantage of the general public. What is even worse is that there are loyal customers that have been bringing thier vehicles here for years thinking that they are getting a good deal, of course they are getting a good deal on service they don’t need. Then I found out that there were family members that were behind the scenes that own houses that were raided for being flop houses for illegal immagrants which was also amazing how we never got caught employing the illegals that we currently employ. Hold on because it gets even more interesting. Then the owner wanted our management team to invest money into the company so he could turn in false numbers to the bank so the bank would continue to lend him money and was supplying the bank with false numbers. He wanted us to become “entrapanuers” in his business and work for free while he conned us out of money like he conned his customers out of money. Ever heard of bait and switch, well he pretends to be a seperate business from the company that shares the same building called 20/20 auotomotive group. Day after day was constant bait and switch with the customers, finally the ABC investigators showed up with TV cameras and that did not even slow us down. Make no mistake, Abe Bekelian has his hands in it all. For all future customers and employee’s beware of the ridiculous stories that you hear because you will leave there with your head spinning and your money trapped. I could go on and on but you would not be surprised by what you read. I know there are automotive crooks out there and this one is disguised very well, customer and employee beware!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anonymous surprise, ArizonaU.S.A.

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