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Published: 02 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Background: We were originally contracted by Deco Caulking to fill in for another masonry contractor that was initially contracted to do the project but for one reason or another was unable to complete the project. Our estimator in that region (Jamie Raymond) went and seen the project and we submitted a formal quote for $25,990.00 on June 15th 2018 which was subsequently accepted. (Please see attached 95 Baseline Rd Revised.pdf) . They stressed an extreme sense of urgency thus we moved our scheduling around to accommodate as not to slow work down at the property. We commenced the project and submitted our first draw for at the beginning of July 2018 for $8463.70, at this point Deco Caulking started being evasive and we became concerned. At this point we made our concerns known to Bel Air Restoration staff on site who put us in touch directly with Dan. Dan offered to pay us directly going forward to avoid any further confusion by Deco Caulking. At this point Dan wrote us a cheque for the full balance for our first draw. Prior to phase 1 being completed Dan informed us that the contract has since expanded to include an additional 5000.00 bricks. He sent us a signed purchase order dated July 21st, 2018 for a total of $39,550.00 (Please see attached – Belair Signed 1.pdf We completed Phase 1 on July 29th (see Production Tracking June 30 to July 29.pdf) Subsequently Bel Air was invoiced on July 30th for $17,582.24 (I’ve attached a copy – Estimate 4245) for the balance of the first contract. Dan informed us that they were waiting for the client (Dickenson Management) and would pay us within the next 14 daysWe commenced work on Phase 2 Thursday July 30th 2015. On our around August 15th we contacted Dan to inquire about our payment for phase one, at which point he began to make excuses and promise to have the matter resolved shortly. We continued to work at a cost of $4250.00/Week in labor expenses being incurred by our company. At this point Dan began to ignore phone calls, texts, emails and messages. Not wanting to leave the project in limbo we remained professional and stayed on site to see the project through. We had incorrectly assumed that Bel Air would be forthcoming with our payments at some point in the near future. At this point we have been waiting 95 days for payment. Our deal with Bel air was 15 days, the industry standard is 30 days, in rare cases 90 days, however we feel cheated for the relatively large investment our company small has made on your property without any form of compensation. Phase 2 of the project ended up being significantly smaller than Bel Air Restoration had anticipated, as a result we were only able to bill for an additional $13,985.21 for which we received absolutely no response. We are asking for a total of $17,582.24 (Phase 1) and $13,955.21 (Phase 2) totaling $31,537.45. Today was the first day we have gotten a response from Bel air after repeated phone calls. He sent us a text message stating that he is waiting to hear back reports for back charges before they can pay us. He also informs me this can’t proceed until at least November 15/16th when someone gets back from vacation. The standard practice is to take a 10-20% hold-back from the contract for potential charge backs, however to hold the entire amount and continually lie about it is contrary to best practices and Dan is well aware of this. We are extremely distressed by this as a relatively small company. This money owed has caused us great pains and lost work as we were unable to finance the payrolls because of how much we have invested into this project. Our next step is a lauch a lawsuit, we don’t want to incure any furthur costs however at this point we have no choice as our other option is potential bankruptcy.

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