Belara at Lakeland

Belara at Lakeland

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Published: 28 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

MUST READ!!!! Belara at Lakeland is a total scam. It was the epitomy of bate and switch. They show you one apartment and give you one that looks nothing like your unit. All the blinds are bad, carpet is bad, paint is horrible, paint all over countertops, and cabinets. But this is all trivial compared to the actual problems. Let me first tell you parking here is a nightmare!!! I have a 1 bath 1 bedroom and it is $975 per month plus utility (Water, Sewer, Garbage) its based on the whole building not on the individual unit. So if you are water concious it does not matter. Your paying for your neighbors wastefulness. Also, you have to pay for a parking spot!!! $40 bucks per month and it will be far away from your unit. Dont even think about having guests over because they will not be anywhere for them to park And they tow here. I came home late parked in the spot next to mine not paying attention woke up that mornig and the car was towed. NO WARNING nothing just towed. It cost me $383.00 dollars. I picked it up within and hour and it still cost that much!!! The only good reason for that is the aprtment manager is getting kickbacks from the towing company. This is my opinion and I have no proof of this but I called the local news comapny (GET JESSE) and they are investigating the apartment and the tow company. So after my utilities are included it is $ 1,035 plus your power and cable. If you want to use the gym or any facilities on site you must pay for the key card. Pets, are a deposit plus monthly, deposits are ridiculous and they will do everything in their power not to return it to you. Go ahead and leave the place spotless, clean the oven and fridge, mop the floors and clean the bathroom, they will tell you somthing and keep your money. These apartments are located on a huge hill, so it begs for the obvious question…. What happens when it snows?? I was assured they plow the hill religously, they have a private company that is on stand by. It is nothing to worry about I was told. Well…… what do you think happened?? It snowed and the hill wasnt plowed for alomost 24 hours. No one could get home!!! Cars wer having to park in the streets at the bottom of the hill, it was a nightmare. If you tried to call the apartment company they simply wouldnt answer the phone. They do this everytime they dont want to deal with anything. The manager Jenifer is a liar!!! She will lie right to your face. If you ever lock yourself out of your aprtment they charge a fee of $75.00 to have them unlock your apartment. Funny thing is that the door knobs are the ones that can get bumped and lock you out, You do not need a key to lock the door knob. So lets say your taking the garbage out which is a mile away, you can easily bump the lock and be locked out. Call the apartment company and they charge you $75 bucks on your next rent bill. The maintenance guy say this happened to me and felt bad so he came over and unlocked my door. During our conversation he told me all the other Riverstone Properties do not do this only here at Belara so the owner is lining her pockets with $75 bucks each time you lock yourself out. Keep in mind this is from the maintenance guy, not myself. I am relaying what I heard but it wouldnt surprise me. It just seems very shady and unethical. They want to nickel and dime you rather than help you. DO NOT LIVE HERE. YOU WILL NOT BE HAPPY HERE. I have friends that love four lakes and Pallermo and Mill pond which are located very close.

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