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Used scented oils even though I’m allergic and they knew

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Relaxation is everybody’s right and women have come up with salons and spas to relax. You might hear about a lot of spas and salons around but not all of them will be remarkable in their services. I had recently moved to a new residence and was searching for a salon nearby. I came across a lot of names and finally, I chose Bella Trio. Trust me they suck at their services. I chose them because I was getting a salon and spa together which was really efficient. But I did not know they would make me regret my decision.
A friend of mine visited Bella Trio and had a full head foil highlights. Well, it was expected to go excellent as claimed by the salon as well as the consultant but my friend’s luck was bad that day. The treatment went totally wrong and anyone who could be blamed is Bella Trio. The consultant used some hair damaging color product during the treatment. Maybe one of the product was expired or something or maybe the consultant did not handle the number of products right. She suffered through a severe allergy on the face and she is now having regular appointments to a dermatologist to get the allergy cured. Face allergy due to a hair treatment sounds weird but it has been said by the dermatologist himself that the hair product was responsible for the allergy.
The same day I had a treatment for the spa and another appointment for the hair treatment the next day but after seeing the results of my friend’s result I would not go for the treatment from Bella Trio. Well, the masseuse was unskilled. All the treatments and massages they had were quite eye-catching but the prices were too high. I still ignored the price and booked myself an appointment. The spa was tidy but I was not happy with the way they treat their customers. The masseuse had a real rude tone and the way she gave me a massage was terrible. I had told her already that do not use any aromatic oils as they cause allergic reactions. I had told her this in a grave tone too but she did not take it seriously and still used scented oils. All my pressure points were badly treated and my cervical muscles ache even more. The scented oils have given me an allergy about which I was so anxious. The massage had a complimentary body scrub too but the scrub had more oil than any sugar. Trust me I could feel the oil spreading all over the place and almost no exfoliator which was shocking. I felt the masseuse is not done but in the end, she said that the service is complete; like complete with scrub. The minimum massage time is 60 minutes but at Bella Trio, you get quicker service and the facial is done within 30 minutes maximum. I made a mistake by choosing Bella Trio and I would never recommend Bella Trio to anybody. She fucking gave me more pain rather than relieving me from it.

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