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Published: 26 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I was taken to Bellevue hospital after my doorman accused me of looking in other people’s boxes (I was trying to help the woman coming in revolving door). I had just left a pub where I am certain I was drugged. Firemen arrived and took me to Bellevue. I was so confused on why I was being treated so harshly at this hospital. I tried walking out, but about 5 big security guards attacked me (I am female and weigh less than 140 lbs). After restraining me, one of the officers told me he was going to hit me across my face so hard it would make my head spin…well he did. When my mother made her first phone call to Bellevue from the airport (flew in from Dallas), she was told that I would be there for several months (HOW THE HELL COULD THIS BE KNOWN ONE FIRST NIGHT) My mother luckily arrived at the medicine ER (psych ER had to transport me to medicine ER because of alarming EKG results). Because of these EKG results, my mother was allowed to see me. My mother requested for a cardiology consult for three days….finally after putting it in writing…they claimed they did a cardiology consult. The medicine ER doctor realized I was much better (whatever I was drugged with had gone through me… The medicine ER doctor required me to go back to psych ER to get discharged since this is where I had come from. My mother and I waited for nearly 6 hours in psych ER. After 6 hours, this big hateful psychiatrist comes out and says to my mother, ‘You, up, out, now.” I was scared and my mother was pissed. Unfortunately, the psychiatrist was making her point htat she could keep me…and did… My mother could not get anyone to return a call, give an update, etc for 3 days. Finally she got a call from the billing office….how convenient. She insisted on seeing her daughter. Chief of psych ER called her and told her that her daughter would be a patient for several months. My mother and I had just spent two weeks together and I had just seen my endocrinologist the day I was brought into Bellevue…. HOW WEIRD WAS THAT!!! When my mother got to see me for 10 minutes that day…I had already been drugged to a zombie….of course the staff told my attorney that I had not been drugged…. yet my pupils were dilated grossly, had my tongue hanging out, walked in a shuffle, AND my EKG was still grossing abnormal. Folks….major tranquilizers give these symptoms…and it would also allow the psych ER staff enough time to quality to admit the patient to the floor…then try to keep them for months afterwards. Luckily, my mother (and my attorney) saw what was going on… they were confronted. When I went before the judge to be released…I did not even have to testify because their case was so weak!!! Unfortunately, it took a week of my life, hundreds of dollars costs and thousands from my insurance company. Luckily, I was able to finish all of my exams the following week. Bellevue should be held accountable.

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