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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Price & durability problems. Consumers beware of Bellicon I was NOT informed that after spending $849 for my pretty pink Bellicon that I would be forced to replace the bungee cords on this thing almost twice a year. I have had this rebounder now for 2 years going into third year in a few months and I have already replaced all the bungee cords three times! That’s $255 of replacement costs because it’s $85 per replacement set. I hoped to be rebounding for 20-30 years. They are starting to make that weird squish squash sound every time I bounce, so I would imagine that in another 4 months I’ll be replacing them for another round like what happened the last time. If anyone is thinking that I must be weighing too much for the cord stregth type and not following their “guildines”, I went back and looked up the cord type I have been buying which is actually X-Strong which is classed for weights 181-200lb! My current weight as of yesterday was 144 pounds. I am trying to get my weight down by another 30 pounds. When I first bought the Bellicon I weighed around 165 pounds using X-Strong Bungees. The only other person using the rebounder is my husband and he weighs 170 pounds. As far as how often we use it, I have been using it everyday for about 20 minutes. My husband uses it maybe 4 times a week for 15 minutes or so. I use it indoors and keep good care of it. My grand kids play on it maybe once a month or every two months. Why I feel Scammed by Bellicon. Originally when I bought the rebounder I figured that the significantly higher price than the other competitor brands must mean that the Bellicon will last much longer. This is definitely NOT the case as I sadly found out. Don’t get me wrong I am not accusing the dealer of misleading me in any way, it was just never brought to my attention that I would be replacing bungee cords so often to maintain it’s performance with normal usage..especially since I purchased bungees classed higher than my weight! This gets to be way too expensive replacing them every year when I factor in what I already paid for the rebounder! My personal health goal is to be rebounding untill I’m very old. Next time around I will probably purchase a metal springed rebounder because of what I have been reading about how they last far longer than bungees. Makes sense being metal and all and rubber bands at some point break or stretch out and don’t go back to same stretchiness. I hope that my sharing this will help those out there who live paycheck to paycheck or just don’t want to get stuck with purchasing a piece of health equipment that ends up being a money pit to keep it working optimally.

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