one of the worst parties I have ever been to

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Published: 18 April 2019

Posted by: martin

I had a party at Bellozino last week and it was one of the worst parties I have ever been to in my whole fucking life. The food that they served was just disastrous and looked really disgusting, not even rats would eat that shit. The food was definitely not fresh; my guess is that it was at least two days old. We asked them for Chinese cuisine for the party in the time of booking however, instead of that, we got rotten Chinese curry vegetables, which could make you vomit in just one bite. One of my friends left the party because “the food was making him nauseous”. When the time of dessert came, I was expecting some tasty mango ice cream (which we requested) but instead, we were greeted with vanilla ice cream which was totally tasteless and bland. I was excited about their special sweet rice, they told us that it would have dried fruits and small sweets directly in it; however, it was just plain sweet rice with saffron in it. There were no dried fruits and it was a really big downer for us as everyone was hyped for that dish. I don’t know if there was anything good about the place which I can tell you. I don’t like to bash any person or any company however; a place like Bellozino is scamming people by lying in their brochures. This guy Ryhan from Bellozino promised the high-quality Chinese cuisine, the flavourful mango ice cream and the rich sweet rice and failed to fulfil ALL of the promises. He seemed like a really practical and helpful guy but after THIS experience I know that he is just a con artist. He is good at sales that are for sure, he lied to us about the quality of the interiors and especially the quality of their food. I don’t give a damn about this place and I would never plan another party here ever again. These people have just been utterly disappointing and they embarrassed me in front of all my friends and relatives. Some people came to this party from different cities and it was just an underwhelming party with bad food. I would have expected this outcome if I paid them less money or something like that, but I paid them the full amount without negotiating because I wanted the best party possible. After the party ended my guests asked me how much did I spend on this party and after hearing the amount they were shocked and told me that I got a really bad deal at this venue. I understand their perspective because you will not expect to get rotten food from a venue which claims to be one of the best in the whole city. Please don’t be fooled by their persuasive sales pitch or beautiful website, these guys are just morons who want to make quick money. They don’t care about providing a good service and they will ruin your party.

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