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Published: 25 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I am an artist in TV, MUSIC, MOVIES, RADIO… with a 20 years internartional career in entertainment. | Jan 2016 attorney Gil Brito in Miami was doing a terrible job for me and I was very worried he was about to botch my new O1B visa application therefore I had to buy an emergency consultation with a top law firm in Miami.Gil Brito did decline to put all the different aspects of my work ( to include my psychic work) and he also okayed for me to go to have my visa applied in Vancouver BC, although Vancouver BC IS NOT my cuntry in residence. I am a French citizen with France as a country of residence, not Canada. | As a result when I left the US on July 23 2016, with the a carry on luggage to have my new 01B visa applied on my passport, the immigration officer at the “US EMBASSY” in Vancouver BC told me that he would never stamp the visa on my passport. | I immediately reached out to Gil Brito and Gil Brito’s customer service said : closed matter, Gil Brito did not even take the time to help me or to respond. | I was never able to go back to the USA ever since, an in June 20st 2017, a Revocation notice visa was received. | My visa was revoked, not only my career is ruined in the US (I had been there since 2012). | I have lost all my posessions in Los Angeles, and lost about 20 000$ in rent money + 10 000$ in furniture I lost in Los Angeles + 5000$ in new attorney fees to try to fix the problem, I have lost 10 000$ in clothes, I have lost my music instruments, my electronics 2000$ money in plane tickets 5000$ and I have never been in such a situation of stress. | I want people to know what that man is doing to people. | People have the right to know, I was ripped off by them but it’s even more serious than that, Gil Brito created me problems with my immigration status in the USA. I had never had any immigration problem anywhere in the world, he ruined everything. | Here is what they say on their Linked In page : | ” Beltran Brito LLP is an immigration law firm representing individuals and businesses around the U.S. and the world with immigration attorneys who are dedicated to assisting clients in all aspects of U.S. immigration and nationality law. | Our firm’s forte is “thinking outside the box” when developing a case strategy to what may otherwise seem a hopeless situation. We pride ourselves in providing creative solutions when others have determined a case to be without any available legal relief. By assisting our clients in complex and difficult immigration matters, we have established a reputation as a firm which passionately strives to obtain superior results ” | All they did was to take my money. | It’s lame.

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