Ben Newman, Reliance Realty New York, Heritage Realty, Ben Newman, Chuck Newman

Ben Newman, Reliance Realty New York, Heritage Realty, Ben Newman, Chuck Newman

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Published: 03 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My roommates and I have been searching for apartments on Craigslist. We have been searching in the Apartments by Owner Section to avoid paying high cost real estate broker fees. We found a couple of listings from Ben Reliance Management , Newmans Realti LLC, Charles Grace Management LLC, HQ PropertirsLLC. All of their listings had different telephone numbers and all stated 100 credit fee. We emailed and called to make arrangements to schedule an appointment unknowing that Ben and Charlie worked together and were father and son. My roommates and I had to leave work early to accommodate their schedules. When we met with Ben, his father was with him unbeknownst to us. After they showed us two rundown apartments Ben said we charge a broker fee on all of our apartments! They were completely dishonest with us, false advertising on Craigslist and wasting everyones time. I urge all men and women looking for housing in the New York City area to stay away from these to turds. I guess the old cliches are correct. THE APPLE DOESNT FALL FAR FROM THE TREE LIKE FATHER LIKE SON Ben and Charlie Newman are disgusting human beings!

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