Beneficial Retail Collections

Beneficial Retail Collections

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Published: 13 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

The loan was taken out in 2004 for $10,000, we paid a total of $18,408 within 9yrs and the balance in 2014 was still at $8393. When requested explanation of why this balance was only shy of $1,607 after 9yrs and paid total payments of $18,408 we were ignored and months later the account was sold to another creditor. | In the year of 2008 and 2009 Beneficial Finance AKA (HFC), (HSBC) altered our original loan contract without our consent by creating two different fraudulent accounts and reported them to credit bureau; these accounts reported active with the same balances of our original contract showing same debt and also resulted with stating a high debt ratio. They replaced our original loan account with one that they created, when confronted about their tactic scam they sold the fraudulent account to another creditor. Neither company will investigate these fraudulent accounts. | They created, changed and reported new account number contract without consent which is against the law by the act of Identity Theft (creating an account), FCRA Violation, Novation (replacing your original contract with a new one without all parties consent) which would result in making original contract discharged by operation of law because it was materially altered without consent and breach of contract. | The letter below is a response back to Beneficial Finance through FTC website when they stated they completed the investigation but they did not perform nor provide any information on the fraudulent accounts: | The fraud claim was in September 2014 and was not denied. The letter is attached and it plainly states the initial review did not indicate fraud but to further investigate Beneficial needed a copy of driver’s license and our signatures notarized on the affidavit of Forgery. | The originals were sent in September 2014 requesting investigation on all three fraudulent accounts, copies were sent again, a follow up letter was sent; numerous phone calls and voicemails were made (I can provide phone records) and as advised by Receptionist three emails were sent and all | email receipts were received. To this day we still have not received results of our investigation request about these accounts that were created w/out our consent. The attached documents are simply visional that three different accounts were reported to the credit bureaus, two of those were being reported at the same time with both showing active. It is of Beneficial’s ignorance if they must say the numbers displayed differently because two of the accounts do not correlate with numbers and the ending final account that was being reported was novated and transposed with numbers of the two other accounts that were be reporting at the same time. The fraud is that none of these three accounts were our original contract account and were | replaced with other accounts at Beneficial’s benefit w/out our consent and breached our contract. | The fraudulent loan was sold to another creditor and when we received our letter by law that the account was sold in September 2013 we disputed with them. Yes we already have had many correspondences with them on July 30, 2014 were summons to court and the magistrate summoned a judgment against us and stated that an act of fraud was committed but not by the new creditor. We were instructed to start investigation with beneficial not new creditor. On July 30, 2014 an investigation was opened with our county Police department against Beneficial, which is still opened, and an investigation with Beneficial was requested and has been ignored since then with treating us as we have no rights. On April 13, 2015 the new creditor responded to Equifax to delete the account from our credit file due to the facts and evidence that the account they bought from Beneficial was indeed a fraudulent account. | Therefore, with all said above it has already been proven that Beneficial has broken our law many different times with many different tactics causing intentional infliction and emotional distress damage to the consumer for numerous years, including an unexplained judgement on our credit file. | The first letter sent to Beneficial was in May 2012 and correspondences have been going back and forth between Beneficial, Springleaf, Credit Bureaus and our Attorney General up to our current date. It is in Beneficial’s best interest to resolve this crime with a substantial settlement | for the acts of committing of fraud, negligence, unfair financial harm damage, credit denial, momentary damage, emotional distress damage, novation, deceptive trade practices, breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation and UDTP. Beneficial’s response to this dispute is irrelevant to what we have requested; pertaining to the Laws of our Consumer’s Rights we should have received our Requests years ago and still have received an obsolete response.

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