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Published: 26 December 2018

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In 2012, we moved to a county that uses Berkheimer for local tax collections. We only lived in the county part of the year, had our taxes done, mailed in everything as we should have, didn’t think anything else of it. Last year, our taxes “weren’t received” (for 2013). After speaking with several individuals, we finally came to an agreement (the reps we spoke with were overall friendly) and re-filed our taxes with them. This year (2015) we get a statement that we never filed for 2012, and that we owe a ridiculous amount of money (not just with fees, but also for jobs that were terminated prior to our change in residency). First of all, why did it take only 4 months to notice our filing was ‘missing’ for 2013, but 2 years to notice our filing for 2012 was ‘missing’? How in the world are the fees that high? I don’t get interest on my ‘loan’ to the government, so why should I owe anything additional? I’m now in an occupation in which I can be terminated due to failure to file, and I don’t understand why, 2 years in a row, MY account is up for review. Thankfully, we are moving out of this county (and avoiding others who use Berkheimer) this year. 1 more year (i.e. 3-5 more years of harassment for “unfilied” taxes) and we will never have to deal with this nonsense again. .

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