Berkshire Hathaway Fredericksburg VA Central Park

Berkshire Hathaway Fredericksburg VA Central Park

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Published: 16 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I relocated from Florida to Virginia and closed on my house virtually. The “Agent” I used was difficult the entire time to deal with, I had to follow up with numerous emails and calls to get satisfaction and answers. I had approximatedly 10 days from closing to moving. The “Agent” Federal Expressed a set of keys for my new home and said she was keeping the second set in her “office”. Three weeks after moving in I had to return to Florida for the unexpected death of my son and plan his memorial. On my return I realized I had never received the second set of keys. When I had to contact the “agent” on a different matter that she never again followed up on I asked that she just mail the set of keys to me. This is where the lies and spinning began. She then informed me she had a woman in the office drop the keys off and put them under a mat before I even moved in! Needless to say there were NO keys and never were. I am a single, senior citizen living alone and the house is in Downtown Fredericksburg VA. Who in their right mind would do something like that? And if this was the case why didn’t she at least contact me by email or phone and tell me where to find the keys. I contacted her “Manager” who offered NO assistance or sympathy and sided in with the “Agent” who now spun the truth again and said it was VERBAL. I replied that is a lie and I am telling you verbally it never happened. Berkshire Hathaway in Fredericksburg said they have no resposnibiltiy and would NOT re-key my house. So much for the customer always being right, and customer service. There were numerous events prior to this that made me question her integrity and the integrity of this company and this location.

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All these places are the same scam artists, they advertise on Monster, Career builder and internet in advertising, sports and marketing.

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