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Big time Liars! Only After People’s money!

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Published: 18 September 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

When my brother first approached Berlington financial Group he was first shocked to see the number of people that had come to get a reliable solution to get rid of their debts through their help. He was quite positive that he would be helped in the way he had expected. But after 4 months, he realized what blunder he had made by investing his precious time and money in this firm. He had put his hopes on you people and you all lied on his face just to take some cash from him.

He had an issue in paying back his credit card debts and was in trouble. He needed immediate assistance to get out of this debt paying situation and so, one of his close friends recommended the services of this company to him saying that they provide best guidance and help everyone to get rid of the increasing debt with the best possible solution. But what my brother faced was sheer cheating. He was told that he would get a report from the company regarding his case in a month and even after 4 months of paying him, all they are doing is making excuses and delaying everything.
At first, he was told that he will be charged $ 240 as a monthly fee to get the services from them. Also, the manager he spoke to explained all the things in detail and told about the important details of this deal. He also told me that he will help him with all the paper work and he will not have to worry at all. On knowing this, I was immediately relieved. I was happy that finally my brother would not have to stay in tension and work overtime. Had I known the fact that I would have never let my brother get caught up in such fraud case.

How can you people be so bad? He had put his faith in you people and what he has got is a horrible experience from the company. Everyone in the company is just lying about their services and running after people’s money. He is so furious that he doesn’t want to work for this firm anymore. He is already in much trouble and how you people make it difficult for other people to trust you by playing such cheap tactics is so not done.
I had never imagined that the company will turn out to be fraud and they will be working to deliver poor customer service by not answering his calls even after 3 months of him calling and texting to the manager. But there is not at all a single response from this person. He had never thought that this would happen. The person literally owes him $ 960 for the 4 months he had worked for him. There is no way that we will leave these fraudsters without taking our refund back.

This is total bullshit. We have been cheated by this fake company full of scammers. I have even checked some reviews online. I am astonished how there are many people who are appreciating the service, I believe all these comments are fake. They are baseless and hollow. No one has ever wondered that a company with a brand name will do such a cheap thing. If you were not interested in doing anything, you could have said it at the very beginning. But doing this has only made the situation worst. I have seen a few reviews that are bringing their true face in front of people.
No one would have expected that this would ever had occurred with us. My brother and I will never recommend their service to anyone. I have even asked my attorney to file a lawsuit against you people. You will never get away with this easily. What kind of work ethics is this? Not doing anything for the people and just ripping off money from them. That manager is such a hypocrite and only wanted to lure my brother into this fake deal to get money from him. You people have no shame and sold your souls too.

Are you even aware of how to treat your clients with respect and establish a good bond? Your company is only after the money of innocent people and build schemes and strategies to get people into your big trap. You have to pay us our money back. We want a straight refund of everything that we have done. Else you will have to face stringent consequences as we have already called our attorney and told him the full story about how you tricked us to get into this deal and then, deceived us by not providing any solution to our problem.

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