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Published: 24 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I’m not the same guy I was 10 years ago, I’m fucking old now. Most importantly I was worried about the growing wrinkles on my face and other scars from past incidents. The number of acne grew over my face and all these flaws made me look even older. I started looking for different types of treatment regarding my skin. After searching both offline and online, I found Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa to be the best place for my treatment. Therefore, I zeroed down myself here and made an appointment over a phone call for the very next day.
I reached the clinic 10 minutes before the given time and was told to wait in the lobby next door as the surgeon wasn’t there yet. Half an hour passed and still, the surgeon did not arrive. I had to wait for a total of one and a half hours for him to show up. I was full of disgust at this time. The management staff should have asked for a cup of tea at least. The management faculty was a total flop. Finally, my turn came and I went inside the cabin. The doctor was panting and was looking exhausted at first. He informed me that he would be right back in 10 minutes, he came back after 20. He then invited me to sit in the recliner near him. I started discussing my problems with him but he was in a resting face with eyes closed. I continued hoping that he would be listening. After completing my part of discussing all he said was “can you please repeat the whole thing once again?” This was awful. I did the whole discussions once again with him to which he made a prescription in a hurry and handed it over to me. He gave another appointment for the next week and told to me to have the medicines from time to time.
I did the same and came to him right after a week. There seemed no change in my facial structure and everything seemed to be in the same place as the last time I left. The acne was still there, the face was still full of wrinkles and marks were still not gone. I complained about it to the doctor, it was one week now and I couldn’t find any kind of improvement with my skin. The surgeon became very furious and scolded me for quite some time and made fun of all my flaws. I was disheartened and wanted to leave the place at once. I was about to leave when he asked me to pay the visiting fee. This was not at all expected from a practising surgeon. He was very much biased about his work and would do anything to prove himself right with lots of excuses. I would never visit the Berman Plastic Surgery & Spa again. The surgeon along with the management staff was a flop. The surgeon should be fired to treat his patient horribly and also provide expensive medications which do not show any kind of results whatsoever.

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