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Published: 30 April 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Unscrupoulos jewelry store in a small local town, business has been operating over 35 years, the owner had the trust of people & friends in the community. I personally have learned the hard way to never, trust anyone, as I brought 2 diamond rings to be updated into one ring. Both were special as one was a round brilliant 1 full caret certified diamond, the other was a 25th Anniversary insert my father bought my mother back in 1974. The insert was made of heavy 14 K white gold, it was thick as the engagement ring was able to be set into it and also could be removed, to wear the engaement ring on its own. The insert ring was a waterfall setting with total diamond weight of 1.27 carets it had 46 full cut round diamonds, 23 on each side of the insert, close to 3 points each and easy to count by the human eye. Total of both rings 2.27 diamond caret weight. The insert was a family heirloom, carried all the sentiment of my parents special 25th wedding anniversary and as my mother treasured it so did I. It was a ring to be worn on special occassions, not an everyday type insert. After, thinking about it for 18 years since my mother passed away, I deceided for my 62nd birthday to have it updated. It was updated only problem it was updated by the jeweler keeping my rings and replacing it with 62 small worthless stones, claiming all the time my mothers diamonds were used. Then on top of this heartbreaking news, my full caret diamond brilliant round engagement ring is now shy of anywhere from 20 points to 5 points, 20 points shy seems more like it as it looks much smaller. I spoke to the owner and asked for her records and inventory for my rings, she did not even answer me, as a professional she should have not agreed to work on my rings without first having me watch and her setter would have taken my diamonds and my gold out and document these weights and measures. That is what professionals do in this area, I trusted she would follow my instructions and simply update my diamonds into the ring I liked, never thought she would rip me off and then have her appraiser write me an appraisal for insurance on the new designed ring for an over inflated amount, which would have been correct if she had really used my diamonds . Did I mention she also collected from me $1,000.00 cash to do this work on my rings, yea right. Should have know when the 6 weeks she told turned into 2 weeks and the new ring was ready. Of course it was ready, she bought it. I now own approximately 1.5 total caret points, I questioned how 46 stones =1.27 points from my mothers insert now changed to 62 1. diamonds =.60 carets., again no answer. Her appraiser gave the ring a value of $10,500.00, 3 other appraisals I paid to have done all state I have .60 small stones, not 46 stones =1.27. appraisals $ 6,500.00/5,400.00/4,200.00, shy center stone. Picked the ring up on 3/14/15 it just didn’t look right, as I have paperwork and appraisals my parents had done it was 1974 & 1981, this was the one and only expensive piece of jewelry my mother ever had and it was purchased with lots of manual labor and much love. To me the sentimate is irrplacable and this was robbed right before my eyes. As the professional she should have followed protocol to protect both of us. She knew actually what she was doing and must have seen dollar signs, she basically took my rings and the picture of what I wanted it to de designed into and gave me a simple receipt wrote dia. ring. I have been reporting this issue to many differnt outlets to no avail, police report & lawyer next. I want my rings back, cash back and money for all the aggravation and emotional stress she has caused me and my family. .

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