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Bert Brock Law LLC

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Published: 02 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I was hit and not at fault October 27 2015. My son was also in the car and was injured. My sons case was setlled December 2016. I was not sent a release only a check and I had no clue to ask for these things now I know. My case has not been settled. The lawyer avoided my calls for MONTHS and constanlty told me he was doing one thing but never did. In the meantime a 7000 medical bill is on my credit , the chiropractor wasnt paid from my son which on the receipt it states she was. She is now calling me and making demands and all this time until I contacted the Ga Bar, BBB and a social media rant was the only way to get him to repsond to me. Now fast foward I found out 12-5-2019 has my check for how long I have no clue. I was told my release would be sent in a few days, When I didnt get it I asked if I could come in to pick up the check. I was told yes the day I was coming in I was told no its not ready and i must be mailed the release form. They are also waiting on a form from the company that issued the check. Now Im being told they have the form and yet I still have no release no check. My last contact was 12/22 and no one has responded. This attorney has been SO UNPROFESSIONAL and I dont trust him or his team. I want this to be over with and the sad thing is two years later he couldnt even get enough to cover the medical bills and his costs. Im in the WHOLE after dealing with him ,,,how does this happen? NEVER use this attorney ever! I have written documents to support everything I am saying and I have a grievance I just filed with the Ga Bar Association. Im putting in the mail as I type this. I have NEVER been in this situation but I can tell you this I will NEVER get put in this situation again. I am not trying to be rich but I could have done better representing myself instead of dealing with him. I dont feel he deserves one DIME.

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