Bert Wolfe Ford Audi

Bert Wolfe Ford Audi

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Published: 23 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I purchased an Audi A4 Turbo Quattro in September of 2004. I take this car to many places travelling to dog shows and needed dependable transportation. After the original factory warranty ran out, the car has been nothing but a pain. The first thing that happened was the ignition coils going out. On the first one, I took the car in and told them what was happening but they could not find a problem. On driving it home, it started choking out and nearly stopping on me in traffic. I turned right around and took it back to the dealership service department and they found a bad ignition coil. Two weeks later, the 2nd coil went out Two months after the first two went out, I was traveling to SC and it happened again but this time, the car would not run. I had to have it towed back to the dealership at a cost of $600.00 to me. The last 2 ignition coils had gone bad. There was finally a recall on the ignition coils of these models and I had to take the car back and have them changed out once again. During the time I have had the car, every light bulb has gone out at least 2 times. Each time, they replaced the bulbs but after I complained that this should not be happening, they finally checked and found corrosion in the fixtures. They cleaned this and I did not have any more bulbs go out for about a year. Now, it appears to be happening again. Each time I get the car back from routing servicing, a light bulb goes out. Additionally, the glove box in the car broke off of the hinge. It cost me $400 to get this fixed – nothing is cheap on an Audi!! Last year, my heater quit working. When I took the car in, they told me there was nothing wrong with it and that I needed to give it time to heat up. I explained that driving 50 miles to the dealership seemed to me to be enough time for a car to heat up. They did a better check and diagnosed that my heater coil had gone bad in the car. I had to have this and my radiator replaced to the tune of more than $1000. Last week, my car heater would not work once again. It was blowing lukewarm and I took it back in. After waiting several hours, they found some sort of restriction in the heating system and asked me to bring the car back in today (Monday). I did and they have now called me and told me the heater core is bad once again and the cost of repair will be something over $600.00. My problem with all of this is that I have owned cars all my life and NEVER had a problem with a heater core – this car has not been involved in any wrecks and all of the normal servicing work has been handled by the dealership I purchased the car from. I cannot believe that it is going to cost me an additional 600 to 700 to get a problem fixed that was fixed exactly one year ago. I am not sure if the problem is the car or the service department but can tell you that I am very unhappy with both areas.

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