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Best Auto Sales

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Published: 26 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

THE DELAERSHIP CHECK BOUNCED WHEN PAYING OFF MY TRADE AFTER CONTACTING THEM SEVERAL TIMES TO PAY IT OFF! Whoever said they would recommend this company must WORK for them because EVERYTHING the other customers have stated on other forums has been the absolute truth!!! Farid, the owner, is absolutely a crook and the bad part about is he does it with a smile and facade of being this good person!!! I bought a bmw there that I have had less than a month and thankfully have had the vehicle checked out and it is not in as bad shape like some of the others but he has not kept ONE promise and I have had to replace tires and the headlight and have had to take it to the shop three times for low oil. The bootleg Navigation disk they tried to use didnt work and promised to order me a new one…NEVER HAPPENED!!! I didnt get the Navigation disk as promised nor has my trade in been paid off after a month and the finance person Naima, told me that the payment was fedexed off last week well I find out later that oh no…her assistant sent it regular mail when I called back for the tracking number…WHAT?!!! SCAM!!! She proceeds to Fedex out a check that day and gave me a tracking number well one week later the check BOUNCED and the vehicle has been charged back to my account!!! But I will not stand for it!!! I will not continue to pay for a vehicle when they have my money for the vehicle I purchased from my bank and the sad part is I have excellent credit and was already approved for financing thru my bank and could have gone anywhere!!! And to add insult to injury there was another customer there GOING OFF and telling me not to buy this car from them and THEY convinced me that the man was off his medication and angry that THEY wouldnt take his girlfriends trade and finance her a car!! I feel like a complete fool for using this company when all my senses told me to run!!! Please save yourself unneccesary aggravation and do your research and go elsewhere!!! If my vehicle is not paid off this week I will be seeking legal counsel and more than willing to be contacted for a class action suit against these people!!!

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