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Published: 06 December 2018

Posted by: Keita Hentley

After many times of experiencing where Bestbank would put transactions through my account before deposits credited I experienced the ultimate injustice. I was out of work and was waiting on unemployment monies to post to my account which was overdrawn. After unemployment payments posted in access of $1100 I was relieved knowing I would not miss any payments of any bills. Carefully deciding to spend the money wisely I wrote checks to cover some bills. Ford motor credit put in to garnish my account from 10 plus years ago. I went to pull $30 out of my account when I discovered I had insufficient funds and a negative balance. The garnishment was for just about $90 mor than was available in the account t. Then Bestbank paid out for a couple small charges and checks like $3.23, $50 check I had written to my mother but all payments of higher value they bounced. Of course they hit the account with countless charges. Taking more money out of my account for garnishment is illegal. Even though Ford Motor credit is the original culpret of this incident submitting to garnish my entire account, Bestbank took advantage by purposely adding excessive fees and charges. I have had previous problems with this bank charging me for insufficient fees after so called paying fees when direct deposit funds were available either the day before or the day of the posted transactions. There are several banks in America taking advantage of Americans by charging excessive fees and using unscrupulous methods to charge the fees in the first place. I have told the legal department of Bestbank that I will exaust every way to let people know about there company”s criminal, immoral, and oppressive practices. The only way to keep these companies from STEALING your money is to not bank with them or use any of their services. Most of us know about fees and charges and every. Ow and then a person may choose to overdraft an account then pay the consequences but when the bank that you are trusting your hard earned money to sets there systems to gouge accounts even when there is no overdraft or customer error it is a shame before God. To every company, including this one, that choses to steal from the American Public may you fall as surely as you stand unjustly. Do not put your money into this compay. If you have an account I urge you, especially, if you have had even one fee charge during this recession, to pull your money out and bank at smaller neighborhood banks. The larger many of the company”s are the more they tend to take advantage of people in hard times. I have vowed to let everyone know who and what this company is really all about. They are crooks. If you are a Godly person and/or work hard for your money delete your funds from this bank. I took the liberty of reducing my account to .52 to show my disapproval in how I have been treated by this bank. My. Ext step will be to close the account. Please join me in reducing your accounts to under $1.00 inorder to make a mass statement of dissapproval of overdraft charges, excessive fees, improper crediting and debiting practices, nonacknowledgment of wrong doing in basic banking industries, and thievary from customers. As I organize legal action against this company and all subsidiaries thereof, I ask that you save your account statements posting less than $1.00 and records of you closing your accounts out and opening new accounts with Bestbank competitors and you will be able to join a class action lawsuit where every fee or charge that have been removed from your account whether you were at fault or not for the past 2 years will be reimbursed plus a 7 percent interest and possible fees of restitution based on individual circumstances of hardship where your personal finances were affected and or stress resulted from the financing straits this company inflicted on you do to their immoral and unfair practices.

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