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Published: 26 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

My name is Michelle Dubreus i financed this 2004 Chrysler Sebring on my Birthday which was March 7TH 2011, the car is worth $5990 i payed $2000 to take it off of the lot before i drove the car home i asked the dealer Jefferson was the car in good working and running condition he convinced me that the car was in great shape i took it for a spin up the street everything seemed fine. But i noticed that the car was making a weird noise whenever i would turn the stirring wheel left or right so i asked Jefferson hey does the car need power stirring fluid or something and he said no the stirring in fine the bolts on the tires are just a tad bit rusted because the car is from up north where it snows but its just fine no worries and i said okay. So we drove the car back to the dealership and when we got their i asked him because i noticed that the convertible top wasn’t in the best shape if it rains will inside of the car get wet he swore to me that he’s positive it will not leak and that he can throw the water hose over the car all day and he guarantees that it will not leak so i took his word for it. So i started the paper work. as soon as i completed the paper work i took it to the mechanic next door to the dealership to have a second opinion from the dealerships mechanic because Jefferson wouldn’t allow me to take it off the lot to have my personal mechanic take a look at it so i had his guy diagnose the car for me he told me the car was in great shape, which was the same thing Jefferson told me. so i drove the car home. The next week i found out there was a list of things wrong with the car after i took it to my personal mechanic that i have been going to for years. And he informed me that there was a number of things wrong with the car first off the Bolts on all four tires were rusted to the point where i only had a couple of miles before my tires flew off and that’s were the creek noises were coming from, the oil pan gasket was leaking and the car has overheating problems, i have been stuck stranded for several occasions because the car always over heats and i have to fill it up on coolant just as much as i fill it up with gas and thats every other day, The convertible top leaks everyday it rains; also i forgot to mention earleyer 3 days after we purchased the car it was bought back to the dealership because it wouldnt start it was an eletric problem and even though we had a warranty for the first four months it didnt cover it and we had to pay to get it towed to the dealership as well as pay 50 percent of the labor to get it repaired this car has been so stressful on my life i even lost my job because of being stranded on my way to work for hours because of this car.. Jefferson knows about all the issues we been having with the car and Javar which is the rightful dealer of the car came to an agreement with me that he was going to have the car switched out to another vehical for me and till then i wouldnt have to make the payments of 239 a month and since that coversation i haven’t got any calls messages or any sort of contact from Jefferson or javar so i took it upon myself to call and leave messages everyday till my sisuation was resolved but everyday i called i got either a ansewring machine or Jefferson, Javar was hardly ever present and jefferson always stressed that javar is the guy i need to speak to because its one of his car but he was hardly ever thier . And when i did reach him he always said the same thing “are new cars havent came in yet ill keep you updated but i never recieved one call from him. till one day i called and he told me dont call me ill call you when we recieve the new shipment of cars so i said okay and since then i still haven’t heard form him and its September 14th 2018 i have gotten so many tickets for driving with and expired tag trying to get to and from school and work because i was promised to have my tag transfered to the sebring from my old car i had sold months before so its been a real big hassle and also what topped eveything off i was on my way to school one morning and the lower ball joint on the driver side and the cv axle came apart and i wasn’t even driving over 30 miles an hour it happened while i was going around a small turn the tire just shifted and damaged and punchered my transmittion along with the alignment of the car and some other things now i can barly drive my car i even took pictures.. this could of happen on I95 this vehical has did nothing but make my life miserable by loosing my job and leaving me stranded and at the same time putting my life at risk because the bolts are so rusted.

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