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Published: 10 August 2019

Posted by: Weldon Young

Avoid the use of Best Home Services if at all possible. Scamming people is part of their business plan as evidenced by their refusal to correct a scam when it is pointed out to them, They especially like to scam the elderly and those most in need. You should never sign anything until you know the job was done right and at a reasonable price. If they have your signature on file, they will forge your signature by copying and pasting on to some document without your knowledge or consent for the purpose of defrauding you.
They also have a way of manipulating their review ratings where they look much better than they really are. How else could their rating go from 2.5 to 4.8 in two days. Also I posted a review on Google two days ago and now it is no longer on Google but on Yelp. Just read a lot of 1 star atings and you will see their true nature. A bunch of crooks.
Their response was a canned response that sounds good but is deceptive. They received 14 pages of documentation 2 days ago that they seem to want to ignore. If they can\’t find me in their data base it is because they erased it.
On 8/6/2019 Vandy Vela called stating that Best Home Services wanted to make things right. However after two days of communication, it became very apparent that had no desire to make things right. The primary thing they wanted was for me to delete my negative review in exchange for part of my money back. A totally unacceptable offer.
After reviewing their 5 star reviews, I noticed the similarity between them. They almost all start off praising the workmen in some manner. It appears that they either write their own 5 star reviews or they provide some financial incentive to someone else using their templet. That is how they maintain an unreasonable review satisfaction number. Do not be fooled.

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