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You’ll only get terrible car service here

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Published: 11 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Best Value Automotive isn’t what you receive from the team and isn’t true according to the advertisements of quality and quick process of paperwork.

My car needed a new tire and decided to stop at Best Value Automotive for the quick repair as I have read on the advertisements.

I see no meaning to support scammers and learned that from this company. They don’t give customers the best of services to cars and the best sales in cars.

I didn’t receive a new tire for my car and had to find a professional and honest company to deal with for the tire repair. They didn’t find customer service a priority and I didn’t find what I wanted from Best Value Automotive to please me as their customer.

There’s no customer value here and it disappointed me to have gone there for a better deal for a new car tire. They ordered the new tire, but I didn’t stay for that tire from the terrible and shady process of unprofessional written up agreements.

This gives me no opportunity to have my car repaired with a new tire from Best Value Automotive.

I don’t deserve such treatment from the company staff and had to put up with unfriendly staff and unpleasant gossip at the office.

This gave me no pleasure in having my car in good condition from the company. High expectations showed me dissatisfaction and frustration while at the workshop with the mechanic team.

I don’t see how a company such as this one to grow and succeed from the negative issues I had experienced at Best Value Automotive.

These people aren’t professionals in what they do for customers. Their priority is to scam customers of their money in ales of old cars in bad road conditions.

The cars aren’t worth selling to anyone and yet they force customers to buy their old run-down vehicles in telling lies to customers about the car in a good condition.

I saw that no car is worth a sale and customers are caught in their lies to by these cars at Best Value Automotive.


The field has no good condition cars and no paperwork for these cars. I haven’t seen cars in mess as these at Best Value Automotive. I had no idea I would have terrible car services from the dealership. A tire repair on my car couldn’t be repaired on time and with no hassle shows me an unprofessional team working at Best Value Automotive.

The whole time I spent at the workshop trying to have my car tire repaired I realized the company staff at the office and workshop aren’t interested in the repairs of my car.

There’s no priority of customer service and interest to please a customer Best Value Automotive.

I wasn’t impressed with any of what I experienced and won’t recommend the dealership to car owners from the negative views I had at Best Value Automotive. There’s no care to what they offer to customers and money is their priority instead of customer’s service.


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