Beth Killion Kenney

Beth Killion Kenney

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Published: 28 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Wow, once again I was so shocked to see that this woman had written a rip off report about me. She is seriously the only person that has harrassed for the last six years. We met when she contacted me and tried to befriend me. I was shocked when I met her personally, nothing like her pictures, brought over fast food, stuffing her face while her daughter had only a swim suit on, no lunch for her?? She had no towel or coverup shivering to use my pool. I provided her towels, made sure she and her friend which btw mom was unvited came to my home. She shared that she found my address from a mutual friend?? . I was appalled at how she spoke to her daughter. I made snacks, started a shower and gave her daughter a sweat suit to wear home. She then contacted me about a venue for an event, I put her in contact with a dear friend who offered her space at no charge. She was incredibly rud, he called and said how in the world would you be associated with her, sorry, but this woman was a completely disrespectful and I was shocked. I clearly told her we had no commonalities! She continued to call me and even tried to envolve me in a Cancer society scam she was doing. My father just passed away from cancer, was she kidding??? I then find out she ripped off the monies from SDASAP in San Diego for a large amount of money, she tried to involve me, but; thank goodness the owner knew better! You can follow the links and info on SDASP and why probably she left San Diego. She has a reputation that follows her! Many name changes and honestly I did not want to know or follow her. Then she tried to have me meet her friend, drug addict, which I am not and do not do drugs! I was so upset when I found her friend was doing drugs, I would not let her travel home in my car. She then conspired to create more drama for me over this and imply since I traveled with her druggie friend, I was involved too! What I learned, I am a provider, a nice genuine person. I do not trust other girls, escorts, none any longer, since my experience with this awful woman! My kindness and genuine nature should not make me a target! . I found being independent, no involvement with websites except to let my clients know when I am in town and traveling! My life is drama free and actually I am getting married and retiring this year! She has written numerous fake reviews, tried to be clients and make fake appointments, write anything horrific about me! She is obviously so miserable with her weight, I would guess close to 300 pounds, her pictures are so skillful compared to the reality. I guess photo shop and other sources seriously can create a far different imagine than the reality. Honestly, so many things she writes is what she is known for! TER she was banished, how she got back, I have no idea, they caught her writing fake ones! I believe she either gives free sessions for reviews, writes fake reviews or is working for TER. Personally, I removed myself after 52 perfect reviews other than the ones she wrote due to the owner going to prison for attempted conspiracy to hire a person to murder a provider and a good guy Dave from Phoenix! Google it, David Elms, scumbag and why she needs his site is exactly what says everything about her. I am highly reviewed on many sites and I have never asked for a single review, sometimes I dont get one for six months and that is cool with me. I would rather have a folllowing based on my discretion, good service and ability to treat men with ultimate respect! I dont scam them, ask them for money or use them at every turn. I also could not imagine spending hours attempting to harm “enemies” as she calls so many other providers she has burned or tried to use! My final straw with crazy woman was her calling my good friend and attorney and pretending I told him he would work for her at no charge!! True story! She wrote a fake rip off story about me filled with so many lies! Freedom of speech unless I sue her! She did this bascially assuming I wrote the rip off report about her! You all know from rip off that this is clearly untrue! She obviously has several other enemies as clearly, you all know, I did not write this and have the correct email. Unlike Charlotte, I do not pose as men, other girls Stacey ie the girl defending her! I already know how she rolls! I actually worry about her children which she does incall with teenagers in her home, or has she lost custody yet?? I would not want her to be unable to support them, but; at what cost?? Her inability to be kind and caring to others simply states who she is. Fake, like her reviews, her fake pictures and her insecure attitude. It is hard for me to be unkind, but; these are the simple facts. I have also asked her to leave me alone, so many times, to please move and she simply can not! I guess misery as a human being seeks company! It is lost on me! I am engaged to a beautiful man that adores me almost as much as I adore him and am retiring. I have loved my time with my clients and enjoyed my experiences immensely! I also know there is more to life than being horrifiic evil to others and possibly why she has so much time on her hands to be so horrific! I am far too busy, but; after a client shared the post with me, he as astounded and could ot believe I could not have it removed, since it is all fabrications! Hopefully, you give my response ann immediate post, as I can not be sued for the truth! All true! Hopefully, she can read this and realize it is time to stop being cruel to others! I have the final word! I met a fabulous man that will do anything for me and best she not test that!

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