Betsy Duranty-Moore

Betsy Duranty-Moore

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Published: 17 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Betsy Duranty Moore, AKA too many to name is back in prison where she should stay. Her probation was revoked because she got caught doing her scams once again. I’m sure it won’t be a long sentence but at least we can all breathe a sigh of relief for just a while. While it’s amazing that she gets away with using our tax dollars to fund her legal trists and fraudalent activity at least she didn’t fool anyone on this round of lies and deceptions. Anyone who is ever screwed over, deceived, lied to, manipulated, believed her attorney claims or dealt with her partner in crime attorney Leon Campbell or Dianne York should call her probation officer or any law enforcement agency having the ability to convict her for her “real” criminal activity. This woman is a joke and a menace to all law abiding citizens. She is not as smart or intimidating as she would like people to believe. I know. I’ve beat her at her game more than once and I’ll do it every time. Do not succumb to her empty threats or any intimidation she tries to use because she has no backbone. She only has lies and a mouth that overloads her large a*s. (But she claims to be a size 4) If you’ve ever seen her then that should explain her mental state and intelligence. Everyone say a big AMEN…Betsy’s where she should be and should stay. Bye bye Betsy…I told you!

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