Bettagere and Alford Orthodontics

The doctors are foolish and heartless beings!

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Published: 27 May 2019

Posted by: Annette

Beware! This clinic has a bunch of careless and terrible professionals who don’t care about the patients and their well-being. All they do is lie and pretend to care. They ruined my dental health and I ended up spending a lot of money on treating issues which were agitated because of their negligent and careless treatments. I had visited Bettagere and Alford Orthodontics in the hope that they’ll provide me with quality treatment. Instead of getting proper treatment, I ended up ruining my teeth and now I have a serious problem with my jaw and teeth.

They have no sense of professionalism or responsibility. They do procedures carelessly and terribly. I went to their clinic to get braces because of my crooked teeth. When I visited that place, I was quite happy to see how they behaved. I had done my online research before visiting this clinic as well. I had checked out their website and seen their online reviews. There wasn’t anything suspicious in their online presence so I had no doubts about their quality of service. I can’t tell you what a big mistake I made. Not only were they too crappy and pathetic but they also ruined my dental health completely. The doctor there gave me braces quickly without doing proper checkups. I wasn’t aware of the procedure so, at that time, I thought everything was okay. But the truth is, they were doing everything very carelessly. If I had known that they are negligent and careless professionals, I would have never visited this clinic in the first place. Anyway, I had told them that sometimes I feel a little pain in my gums but they didn’t listen to me. They just gave me the braces and the instructions and I started wearing them. But wearing them made my life a lot worse. I used to remain in constant pain because of those braces. When I told them about the pain I was experiencing, they just told me that it was natural and I shouldn’t worry at all. This was my second biggest mistake after visiting this place. I shouldn’t have trusted them at all. I should have gotten a second opinion beforehand. I faced that pain for around 3 months. Then, I visited another orthodontist to find out what was causing the pain and why it just kept growing. I ended up finding out that I had TMJ and I wasn’t supposed to wear braces. Those braces were worsening my condition and ruining my teeth. The doctors at Bettagere and Alford Orthodontics were supposed to do a proper checkup and x-ray before giving me braces. They didn’t do anything. They just made me wear the braces without checking for any underlying problems or conditions. That’s the level of careless they have. You shouldn’t visit this clinic for getting any kind of treatment. I had to spend a lot on getting my TMJ treated.

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