Better Business Bureau Houston, TX

Better Business Bureau Houston, TX

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Published: 06 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

In May of 2018 I purchased more than $10K of kitchen appliances and electronics from Conn’s. I was offered 3 years no interest and service warranty contract. In 02/2018 I called and placed a service call (for the first time) because my dishwasher and stove / oven combo were not working properly. Conn’s came out to look at why my oven was refusing to heat above 280 degrees and why my dishwasher did not seem to dry my dishes at all. While trying to repair my oven the service tech tried to “Jump” the electrical system of my stove (His idea of course-I had never even heard of such a thing) and in doing so caused all power in my home to be shut off at Main Breaker. Tried to reset it at the outside breaker panel but could not. Once the tech realized what he had done he completely freaked out and bailed. Thankfully I was able to find an electrician (on a Friday at 2:00) whom came and repaired both. I paid $280.00 for the mistake that Conn’s made because I had not electical problems prior to their arrival and none after I had the breaker they damaged replaced. Made a complaint on BBB’s website and after six months of continuing to follow up every single time Conn’s posts an untruthful response I have responded accordingly. Which took forever and a day by the way, and such a collosal waste of time. And unlike Conn’s my story is always the same, because it is the truth but theirs differs with every post. But the worst part after doing all of this I have just recevied a email / message from the BBB stating the following: “While we understand that you are not satisfied with the companies reply, it appears that the business has addressed the disputed issues. Accordingly your complaint has been “Adminstratively Closed.” We now consider the matter to closed in office. Both items were repaired and working per company. The BBB does process disputes requesting compensatory damages.” Just curious exactly HOW HAS THE BUSNESS ADDRESSED THE DISPUTED ISSUE? They haVe done absolutely nothing? And are you aware that the items were ACTUALLY repaired by the electrican I had to hire to repair the damages their service repairman did in my home? AND BOTH ITEMS WERE REPAIRED AND WORKING PER COMPANY? What company is the BBB referring to since Conn’s has not responded or contacted me once about what happened and certainly have never returned to my home? Did the BBB contact the electrician I hired to repair the damages that the Conn’s repairman did? If so, how did they even know what electrician I contracted to do the work? ARE THEY PSYCHIC? And lastly the have the nerve to insinuate that I made this complaint to get compensatory damages?! REALLY?! I find that hard to believe – since I am the one who is paying the Service Warranty to Conn’s every month and have continued to do so for almost three years, though not really sure why at this point… or because I had to pay the electrician to repair the damages THEIR repairman did to my home? Certianly not because Conn’s has lied and deflected through this whole ridiculous, silly and labor intensive process with the BBB for the only purpose to avoid paying for any charges they are personally and professionally responsible for. YES surely my complaint was motivated by money. But my biggest dissapointment is with the BBB. After spending hours making and updating the complaint only to find out they were and would continue to do absolutely nothing. Their company motto is “START WITH TRUST.” I think they might want to rethink that mission statement because if all of the consumers who visit their website have a similiar experience to mine then they are seriously failing in that regard. EPIC FAILURE. So I am sharing my unfortunate experiences with every consumer advocate website on the internet I can find, but I am not complaining about Conn’s but about the the Houston Area Better Business Bureau, so no other person is tricked into believing that they will actually do anything to help. PLEASE don’t fall victim to their lies too.

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