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Published: 20 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

So you get scammed by a bad shitty business, you turn to BBB for help. Guess what happens next will cause jaw dropping. I recently filed a complaint for money ripoff against a business in Ohio. The Ohio BBB director of operations Patrick Cassidy told me they are unable to handle my complaint as my complaint does not fall within the scope or purview of BBB Complaint Acceptance Guidelines. I asked him to explain why it is not within the scope. He showed me the standard BBB webpage called “What complaint do we handle?”. I reviewed it and know my complaint is not on that list so I explained to Ohio BBB’s Patrick Cassidy. He’d never respond. He never returned my two voice mails as well. What is more SHOCKING, when I called in, none of the staffs in his office could find my complaint any more. He deleted it!! I am pretty sure this is against company policies and a misbehavior. I filed again. He told me the same thing and deleted my complaint entirely from BBB’s system as well!! I filed complaint about his behavior to BBB headquarter. They even have a link allowing you to file complaint against a BBB office. But I guess that link is more of a decoration. So someone from BBB quickly responded and told me to contact another person, Kristi Furguson, Director of Data Quality & Standards at Ohio BBB. Kristi Furguson was initially more flattering. But once she heard BBB headquarters have closed my complaint and asked me to deal with her directly, she started gaming and get more loose. Yes these disgusting people. In the end, she made the same decision as Pat Cassidy did. What is more weird, while emailing me, she is cc-ing Patrick Cassidy the whole time! This is the shady, discipline violating person who’d dare to delete BBB complaint record. Kristi Furguson must be trying to flatter Patrick by showing she is on his side. These two DISGUSTING and UGLY WORMS. However she could never be able to come up with facts and reasoning to support her conclusion why it is not within the complaint policy, just like Patrick Cassidy. The only thing she said is it looks like we disagree. I get back to the BBB headquarter staff, Leslie Baughn, Mgr, Operational Standards & Assessment. Earlier I already told her I am afraid Ohio BBB will act like they are helping but in the end the result will be the same when she closed my BBB headquarter case and asked me to talk to Kristi Furguson directly. Leslie never commented on it. So now I am getting back to her to let her know what I predicted earlier just happened. I said Ohio BBB could never come up with a reason to argue my case is within the BBB complaint scope. Leslie said she agreed with Ohio BBB and tried to tell me why. I then gave her more info and facts, and she could never argue it is not in the scope as well any more. I asked to speak to a supervisor at the headquarters. Beverly Baskin called me. She is gaming the whole time acting like she wouldn’t be able to get or understand what I am saying. I have to keep repeating the same thing I said over and over again just because she pretends she couldn’t get it. I have had enough life experience to know that when someone is acting like their intelligence is lower than normal and couldn’t understand simple phrases and the situation you are describing, they are just lying and trying to get around about and get away from the matter. So I confronted Beverly Baskin for playing games. She finally has to call the game an end. After no longer being able to act like she couldn’t understand or what I am saying doesn’t make sense, she finally couldn’t say it is not within the scope any more. She then asked me to give more info on the business. She look into the business and told me there are no other complaint so she can’t do anything about it. OMG I haven’t heard BBB won’t contact a bad business just because they have no existing complaint. Or who knows if there is any existing complaint or not. Poor and cunning Beverly Baskin still won’t take justice under her wings but chose to be disgustful and made a final struggle against the ethics. She maintained her position to not go against Ohio BBB, part of her organization, even at the cost of negative reviews. I have seen people take side not based on what is right or wrong, but what is related to their benefits the majority of the time, and these ugly people made me totally want to vomit. BBB and BBB Ohio, you are just clowns. Let people laugh on you. Regarding Patrick Cassidy, I bet he is probably somehow familiar with or related to the business I complained. I have realized Ohio is such a small, and scammer saturated state. .

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