Better Homes and Gardens - Masiello Group in Bangor, ME

Better Homes and Gardens - Masiello Group in Bangor, ME

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Published: 05 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This truthful report is being written under the protection of Free Speech, afforded to all citizens under the Bill of Rights – Constitution of the United States of America. Internet Reviews are upheld as Free Speech by the United States Supreme Court. My husband and I were selling our home in Georgia. We were looking forward to a retirement in Maine. We have very limited knowledge of the State. In hindsight, we needed a true Relocation Specialist, but did not get one. Back in May, 2016, I called the Better Homes and Gardens Masiello Group in Bangor, ME. I spoke to an agent, who had a home we saw online. This agent did not want to represent us. The Broker had assigned us to another female agent. While my husband was in Georgia dealing with the difficult sale. I flew up there alone. I do not drive, nor did I have a car. I was completely dependent upon the agent to drive me around. I had a list of homes I saw online. She never came up with any other homes. She also did NOT evaluate our needs properly. Bear in mind, that I did not know the areas, and needed her advise and expertise to evaluate properties and point out any flaws which would help me make a good decision. I saw 2-3 houses I liked. I made the horrible mistake of choosing a large home in the Dover Foxcroft area. In hindsight, this agent saw flaws with the property, but did not communicate them properly to me. She also did not evaluate the neighborhood and comparible sales. If she did, she would have informed me that the home was overpriced for the area. Also, the road, the home was located, was not desirable. I made an offer on this home for $ 275,000, which was quickly accepted by the sellers. What I did not know, at the time, was that the home was on the market for 1 year, and a premier real estate office, in that area, never showed it even once, due to the fact that no one wanted to see it. We could not attend the final walkthrough nor closing. We depended upon this agent to be through for us. She allowed the sellers to leave the home in damaged and dirty condition. she also recommended a home inspection company, whom I hired, but they missed key issues with the house. They would NOT refund any of the $670 I paid for the inspection. When we arrived at the home in August – for what should have been a happy experience – turned bad quickly. There were 25 things wrong with the home – some of which the seller did spitefully. One horrible thing is that they let the above ground pool turn green and put in an 8″ cockroach. We called the agent immediately, but the deal had closed and the money disbursed. The agent admitted the house was dirty and damaged. She said she had sent over a cleaning lady, but admitted this lady did not clean the home. We found out, over the next 2 weeks, that we overpaid for the house and that the sellers were spiteful people. We learned this from neighbors, people we hired to do repairs, and other real estate agents. An electrican told us. I HOPE YOU KNOW YOU BOUGHT THE BEST HOUSE IN THE WORST AREA. One guy from our moving company told us, YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT REALLY F—ED YOU OVER. All this was horrible to hear. We tried to call lawyers in the area and in Bangor. I was trying to get the sale reversed. One para-legal, who knew the home, told us, YOU JUST GOT A BUM HORSE. Of the 20 or so lawyers I called, they either did not do that kind of law or it was a conflict of interest. My husband was very upset and distraught. I became very ill with a nervous breakdown, was in the hospital and on medication. I tried to seek help from the broker, but she was very nasty and rude to me. She said, YOU BOUGHT HE HOUSE. JUST FIX AND PAINT IT. LEARN TO DEAL WITH IT.” I guess, they got their commission, and now they do not care. We listed the home with a local agent, in the Dover Foxcroft area. A couple, who had seen the home, in the past, would only pay $235,00. They were qualifed and had good jobs. They lacked a down payment. Their credit union would allow them to borrow $ 261,100, with us giving the buyers $ 26,100 for their 10% down payment. We were too sickened to stay there. We were spending money making repairs. The agent thought we were lucky to sell it, and the buyers were qualified. With regret, we accepted the $ 235,000 offer, and the agent took a 3% commission to help us. This was a $40,000 loss. Couple that with closing costs to buy the home in the first place. Closing costs and commission to sell the home. Then more closing costs to buy another home in another area. Finally more moving costs, we lost a total of $ 60,000 – which at our ages – could never be made up. We were reduced to buying a $215,000 fixer farm house in Kennebeck County. Large, with storage, but old. We could have had a nicer home, but had to settle for what we could now afford. At least, the new agent, we hired to help us find something we could afford, tried his best to get us a fair deal. I did file a complaint with the Maine Real Estate Commission, but due to the high volume of complaints, statewide, that complaing is still pending. I had also written a private letter to the President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens – Masiello Group. I was seeking some help and intervention. Instead of getting the help, I got a curt e-mail from the company attorney, advising me to address concerns to him. Something I will not do. I also wrote a private letter to the President and CEO of Better Homes and Gardens, Corporate office in New Jersey. Also asking for help and intervention. Instead of getting such help, I got a UPS letter from their attorney, who told us that our complain was “frivilous.” Also she warned us not to name them as a defendent in any legal action. If that agent we were assigned to, was a true relocation specialist, she should have advised me of flaws with the home and area. She would have done a comparable market analyis, and advised us of it being overpriced. We feel she failed us greatly, as a buyer’s agent. To this very day, there is not a day that goes by, when this horrible experience does not haunt us. If she had properly advised us and informed us of what she saw and knew, we never would have bought the house. I would have bought another house, and none of they would have happened. Now we are 2 broke senior citizens, living month to month, with 2 dogs and a limited future. This should never happen to anyone. I invite any helpful suggestions from the readers out there. We also welcome anyone, with legal experience, with any useful advise. Signed, 2 Broke Senior Citizens – who are thankful to the US Supreme Court for upholding internet reviews as free speech.

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